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Create an App Like LetGo and OfferUp in 2021

LetGo and offerup san diego

LetGo and offerup san diego

LetGo and offerup san diego: Selling things always used to be accompanied by yard sales where you had to put all the things on display and attract buyers. However, with the advancement of technology and the boom in mobile devices, you can now sell things directly from your phone. Your product will be seen by thousands of users, and you do not need to leave the comfort of your home. The most popular applications of this type on the market are LetGo and OfferUp. In this article, we will look at how to build an online marketplace like LetGo and OfferUp and go through all the nuances of development. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

What Are the LetGo and OfferUp?

Various platforms for mobile sales are some of the most popular types of applications on the market. According to analysts’ researches, global e-commerce revenue will reach $3,285,422m by the end of 2021.

In order to better understand how to create a good application of this type, you should take a closer look at the major giants of this market.

One rather helpful feature connects the OfferUp and LetGo applications. These apps allow users to list items for free, which is a great option for selling small items or defective items.

LetGo  and offerup san diego

The LetGo app is a platform where users can list their products for sale to other users. Registration in the application takes place in a standard way and using a Facebook login. Communication between the seller and the buyers takes place in the in-app chat. In addition, sellers can create lots, attach product photos, descriptions, and other information.

LetGo  and offerup san diego

At the same time, the OfferUp application is a platform where any user can start a full-fledged sale of their goods to ordinary customers. Moreover, buyers can rate the sellers for services. In addition, the application connects with the TryYou service, which allows you to verify your account and get a seal that shows that this seller’s profile is genuine and everyone can make a deal with this seller.

How to Monetize Apps Like LetGo and OfferUp?

The business model of the two applications is quite similar. These applications are completely free and do not charge users for profile creation, transactions, and so on. Therefore, the only way to monetize OfferUp and LetGo is by showing ads to users and getting paid per view. However, in addition to this strategy, you can apply several others to your application:

  • Transaction fee. When a user pays for an item through your app, you can charge a fixed fee for the transaction.
  • In-app-purchases. You can sell the additional quality of life features that will help the user expand the existing functionality.
  • Delivery. If you have the resources, you can arrange your own in-app delivery and take a fee for it.
  • Paid advertising. Sellers can buy advertisements of their goods from you, thereby raising their lots higher in the search results.
LetGo  and offerup san diego

Required Technologies to Build App Like LetGo and OfferUp

Now let’s look at the technologies without which the creation of this type of application is impossible. In our listing, we will mention the technologies needed to create native mobile and web applications.

  • Back-end part: Express.js, Node.js
  • Front-end part: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap
  • Frameworks: Angular.js, Backbone.js, React.js
  • Programming languages: Swift (iOS), Kotling or Java (Android)
  • Database: MongoDB, MySQL
  • Cloud technologies: Amazon Web Services
  • Payments: Braintree, Stripe
  • Web server: Nginx
  • Hosting: AWS S3

The list of technologies that we have provided is approximate since different technologies are tailored to your requirements. We have listed the most popular technologies, but no one forbids you to collect the necessary technologies yourself to implement all your ideas.

Must-Have Features

It’s time to move on to the core part of our guide and list the main features included in applications like LetGo and OfferUp. These features are the cornerstone of such applications, and without them, they won’t make any sense.

LetGo  and offerup san diego


This feature is standard in many apps, and apps for selling goods are no exception. To make this feature as convenient and useful as possible, in addition to the standard login via login and password, you can add a login using popular social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others)

User Profiles

Each user should be able to customize their profile so that transactions are as transparent as possible. For example, add the ability to change the name, phone number, photo, and additional information about the user or seller.

Search Feature

An irreplaceable function around which everything revolves. It is worth adding auto-completion of the search line for maximum convenience, which will offer various options depending on the entered text. In addition, a critical addition will be a detailed filtering system that will help users narrow their searches and find the right product faster.


Product listings should be as detailed as possible. You have to add a feature for adding photos, descriptions, prices, product characteristics, and other information.

In-app Camera and Chat

These two features are also handy since the seller and the client can discuss the details of the deal through the chat, and through the application camera, you can quickly add photos of the product to the listing.

Multi-Language and Currency Support

You should add translations to different languages if you want to expand your distribution territory. In addition, support for different currencies is imperative so that users from other countries do not experience any inconvenience.

Nice-To-Have Features

This list includes features that perfectly complement the existing functionality and add something unique to the user experience.

LetGo  and offerup san diego

Price Comparison

This excellent quality-of-life feature will allow users to search for products and compare them by price to choose the most advantageous offer.

Discounts and Promotions

A great feature for sellers looking to create some hype around their products. This feature offers a win-win situation when the seller sells the product faster and the buyer gets the desired item at a discount. LetGo and offerup san diego


These categories are an additional way to promote certain products. For example, a product can go to the category “Popular” or “This product is most often taken with next items” and so on.


A smart feature that can give recommendations on how to fill out a product listing or analyze the quality of photos on it.

In-App Payment Solution

This feature includes autocompleting data before committing a transaction, such as a card number and other data.

In-App Delivery

An extremely useful feature that takes time to implement. First, you should negotiate with third-party delivery services to provide their services within your application. After that, you should start developing the in-app functionality. LetGo and offerup san diego

Steps to Create an App Like LetGo and OfferUp

So, now we know all the necessary features for this kind of application. Then, it’s time to dive into the development process and cover the steps of creating an application as LetGo and OfferUp.

Step #1. Come up With a Catchy Name

First, you should think about naming. The name of the application should be short, catchy, and easy to pronounce. Various brand generators can help you find the perfect name.

Step #2. Think Through Unique UI/UX Design

The app design is its face, which can both scare away and attract users. Try to combine a pleasant appearance with the maximum intuitiveness of all the elements and transitions between the application screens. Don’t come up with a bike. You just need to adhere to the general appearance of such applications and combine this with corporate design and some unique design elements.

Step #3. Shopping Cart Implementation

Any application or website on which user can make purchases must have a shopping cart. This feature allows the user to buy multiple items, sort them and go straight to the checkout screen. offerup los angeles

Step #4. Payment Gateways

To provide users with a wide choice, it is worth taking care of a large selection of payment gateways. You can add gateways such as PayPal, Braintree, Stripe, or any other gateway to your application. Pay attention to transaction fees, local government requirements, and keep in-app payments secure.

Step #5. Develop a Promotion Campaign

In order to earn your user base, your application should be talked about. Therefore, you must develop an advertising plan. For example, you can buy advertisements on various websites, buy press releases on thematic sites, conduct an advertising campaign on social networks. All of these techniques work great for generating buzz around your application. LetGo and offerup san diego

Froud Protection Strategies

The more secure your application, the more user are loyal to your product. Specialists from eBay and Craigslist executives, fraud protection is the key to a stable market. That is why it is worth investing in protection against fraud when developing such kind of applications. After all, buyers and sellers want transparent terms of the transaction and are sure that they will not be deceived. LetGo and offerup san diego

Wrapping Up

So, we told you about creating an application like LetGo and OfferUp, and as you can see, to develop your application, you must have certain knowledge. You should consider the list of features, application design, monetization system, and other nuances that directly affect the development process. However, you are now armed with everything you need and ready to break into this market with your solution.

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