September 30, 2023

which kinds of hits does google analytics track?

which kinds of hits does google analytics track

which kinds of hits does google analytics track

which kinds of hits does google analytics track: The number of hits describes the interaction of the website and the users, which are tracked by the feature of Google Analytics. It is the most robust tool that can track around 200 metrics that can collect a huge no. of data in the form of hits. And now the question about hits on Google analytics may arise in your mind, which may confuse you about what kinds of hits fall under Google analytic hits. So let us start learning about hits on Google analytics and how they work.

Understanding Google Analytics

Hits on Google are referred to as blocks of buildings of Google Analytics in which information is trapped. After anyone makes a hit, this information is sent to a server of Google Analytics for further procedure. The basic part of user interaction is called page loading.

After this procedure, the collected data is divided into a list of parameters with a GIF image as a minimal pixel. After this, the list is sent to a server of Google Analytics for the next step. This is how the data is provided in reports.

In the next section we will help you understand the kinds of hits that are there for Google analytics tracking. Scroll down to know more!

Kinds of Hits for Google analytics tracking

There are different types of hits received by Google analytics from various sources. The results may vary for the user or the marketer using Google analytics who is tracing metrics.

There are mainly seven types of hits that Google Analytics tracks are given below:-

Page view hit –

Every hit made by the user to view the page, besides the user’s previous visits at the same page.

Metrics and dimensions for pre view hit are:-

  • Users
  • Sessions
  • Page view
  • Page URL
  • Title of Page
  • Resolution of Screen
  • Language of Browser
  • Operating system

Screen view hit

Screen view is similar to page views, but the only difference between them is that a browser processes the page view, and the screen view occurs in the application. If you are tracking the screen view of your users, then you are likely to know what the user explores content in your application and what kind of navigation occurs between the different content.

The dimension and metrics are given below:-

  • Users
  • Sessions
  • View of screen
  • Uniqueness of screen view
  • Name of screen
  • Name of app
  • Version of apps
  • App ID
  • ID of App installer

Event hit

Event hits are scaled differently from page view to track the interaction on web pages. For instance, if you click on any website link, Google analytics submits a form, plays any video, or downloads anything on your web page. This whole process is called an event hit.

Dimensions and metrics are:

  • Category, Action, and Label of event
  • Values of Event
  • Total no. of events
  • Average value

Social Interaction Hit

These types of hits can record the social interactions that you make on your webpage. For example, if a user likes your content and wants to share that with someone by using the share buttons available on a social platform. These shares are recorded as social hits on Google Analytics.

It has following dimensions and metrics:

  • Social action
  • Social network
  • Social target

E-commerce Hit

Google analytics traces these kinds of hits on your e-Commerce website. Such as when any user makes clicks to place an order or adding any product to the shopping cart, or when they scroll down to check out the products and final order purchase. All these clicks fall under E-commerce hits.  which kinds of hits does google analytics track

Dimensions and metrics are:

  • Transaction ID
  • Revenue
  • Tax, shipping, quantity, product, and its SKU
  • Category of product
  • Revenue of product
  • No. of unique purchase
  • Average price and quantity

User Timing Hits

These hits are used to track the responses of a certain click and how much time the website takes for the action. . It tracks the time of page loading, period of image loading, and the response towards the click that you make on any e-Commerce web page.

Dimensions and metrics for user timing hits are:-

  • Category of timing
  • Variation in timing
  • Labeling of timing
  • Average user timing
  • Sample of user timing

Exception Hits

The exception hits trace any error or crash in Google analytics that occurs on your web page.

How to check the hit data on Google Analytics?

The process of checking the data of hits on Google analytics is not a tricky task. There are a couple of ways that can be used to view the hit data. But the simplest way to check this data is to go through a tab of a browser’s network. By clicking on network tabs, the user can reach the test page of the website, where the hits of Google analytics are captured. After this process, enter collect on the search bar to filter the requests. You will see a GET request on your screen by default to show the types of hits captured in Google analytics.

Besides this, there is one more way to check the hits in which you have to download the Google analytics debugger add-on, which can provide all the stored information about the hit data in the browser console of your website. which kinds of hits does google analytics track

What is the importance of metrics of Google analytics?

The metrics of Google Analytics help the user in many ways. The main benefits are given below:-

  • It describes the performance of a particular feature of a website or a mobile app within a specific time.
  • Reveals the user behavior with the funnel
  • You will be able to get a large amount of data of hits on your website.


Google Analytics is one of the best tools that can track the metrics of any successful website. The mentioned data is based on user interaction and clicks, which is referred to as hits that can track different kinds of hits made on any website. We hope you understand the hits, their types, and how Google Analytics works to track hits. which kinds of hits does google analytics track

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