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How to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to iPhone?

Transfer Contacts from iPhone to iPhone

Transfer Contacts from iPhone to iPhone

Contacts usually keep important information like phone number, e-mail, and other basic information of families, friends, relative, and colleagues. When you have a new iPhone, it is so important to transfer iPhone contacts to another iPhone so you can keep in touch with them.

In this guide, we focus on 4 common methods to migrate contacts between two iPhones. You can move your contacts with the backup/transfer tool-iCloud, iTunes, AOMEI MBackupper, or importing contacts from your SIM card.

Method 1. Transfer iPhone contacts with iCloud

iCloud is the official backup and restore tool. You can backup contacts to your iCloud storage, then restore them to the new iPhone. Please check your iCloud storage, you may need to buy more storage if it is running out of space.

Note: The target iPhone should be brand-new. If it isn’t, please go to “Settings” > “General” > “Reset” > “Erase all Content and Settings” to make it fresh.

  1. Connect your iPhone with a strong and stable Wi-Fi.
  2. Open the “Settings” app on the old iPhone.
  3. Tap “[your name]” > “iCloud” and make the “Contacts” feature is enabled.
  4. Choose “iCloud Backup”, and tap “Back UP Now”.
  • On another iPhone, follow the setup guide. Choose “Restore from iCloud backup” when it asks you to transfer data from your old device.

Then just complete the on-screen setup, and your new iPhone will be restored from the iCloud.

Method 2. Transfer iPhone using iTunes

If your iCloud storage is full or just don’t want to use iCloud. iTunes is another official backup tool that will sync contacts, as well as other data, like music, videos, photos. Please download and install the latest iTunes on your computer and follow the steps below.

1. Connect the old iPhone with a computer.

2. Run iTunes and click the phone-lick icon on the iTunes toolbar.

3. Choose “Info” on the left side of iTunes.

4. Check “Sync Contacts” and you can choose all contacts or selected groups to transfer. Click “Apply”.

5. Disconnect the old iPhone, and plug in the new iPhone. Enter “Info”.

6. Check “Sync Contacts’, and select “Contacts” under the Advanced. Then click “Apply”.

Method 3. Transfer contacts with AOMEI MBackupper (support different Apple ID)

AOMEI MBackupper is a piece of reliable and powerful iPhone backup softare to migrate contacts and other data between two iPhones. It enables you to migrate contacts easily with the below features and advantages.

  • Selective transfer: It enables you to choose some contacts to migrate to another iPhone if you don’t want to transfer all contact information.
  • No data loss: unlike the official tools-iCloud and iTunes, it won’t erase any data on your iPhone when you restore them.
  • iPhone to iPhone transfer: It is a one-click feature designed for people who switch to a new iPhone. It copies all content on an iPhone to another. 
  • Wide compatibility: Besides iPhone, AOMEI MBackupper also works well with iPod and iPad. You can quickly and easily backup and restore your data on your iOS device.

Download and install this tool, and follow the steps to see how to transfer contacts from iPhone to iPhone without iCloud or iTunes.

Step 1. Connect the old iPhone with a computer. And Run AOMEI MBackupper. Click “Custom Backup” on the interface.

Step 2. Make sure the “Contacts” is selected. To select specific information, click the icon.

Note: You can click the Contact icon to choose specific contact information.

Step 3. Choose storage path, and click “Start Backup” button.

Step 4. When the backup process is finished, connect the new iPhone with the computer.

Step 5. In the Backup Management, select the backup and click “Restore” to transfer contact to the new iPhone.

Method 4. Import contacts from SIM card

Usually, an iPhone does not store contacts on your SIM card. But if you ever keep contacts there in other ways, you can import contact from the SIM card.

Step 1. Take out your SIM card, and insert it to the new iPhone.

Step 2. After the iPhone setup, go to ‘Settings” app.

Step 3. Tap “Contacts”, and tap “Import SIM Contacts”.


It is so important to transfer iPhone contacts when you switch to a new iPhone. This post demonstrates 4 methods to transfer contacts from iPhone to iPhone. In addition, after migrating data to your new iPhone, we do recommend you backup the iPhone frequently to avoid data loss. Because once your iPhone is lost or just encounters an unexpected issue, all data will be completely gone.

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