October 1, 2023

Best Countries for Solo Travelling

solo travelling

solo travelling

Solo traveling is an ideal way to get to know yourself better. It allows you to be more open to your surroundings, test your resourcefulness and explore ways for fun and relaxation. All you need is a reliable cellular connection or Wifi services like Spectrum WiFi plans, and you can get plenty of ideas about what to do and where to go next. The best part is you don’t have anyone else to convince for whatever activity/place you choose or decide. Interested? If so, here are some countries where you can safely travel by yourself and make for a memorable trip. 

#1. Iceland

Over the past few years, Iceland has constantly ranked as one of the hottest travel destinations. And according to a recent report by Global Peace Index, it is the most peaceful country in the world. If you love the outdoors, you’ll have a great time exploring its caves, hiking its glaciers, and soaking in its geothermal spas. 

If you get a chance to visit Reykjavík, do take a day trip to the famous Blue Lagoon. You can also enjoy whale and puffin watching in Faxaflói Bay. The Thingvellir National Park is a national park in Iceland. It offers fun activities like horseback riding, hiking trails, camping as well as diving (in the Silfra fissure).

#2. Malaysia

If you want a vacation in Southeast Asia, Malaysia is a great destination for solo travelers. It has stunning canopy walks, beautiful rainforests, and vibrant cities with a great variety in cuisine. Also, since most of the people in Malaysia speak or understand English it is easier to communicate with the locals here than it is in other countries. Malaysia is a Muslim country so the party scene is not as open as it is in Thailand. Hence it is a good choice for mature travelers or people who are more interested in culture (than partying).

#3. Thailand

Thailand is a very affordable and easy to travel the country. It has several flights arriving in its capital from around the world. This speaks volumes of the level of interest people have in this country and the opportunities it provides to its tourists. From stunning islands to scuba diving and from temples and caves to cooking courses and meditation retreats, the country has something to cater to the interests of everyone. Its surrounding countries are also popular travel destinations. So by the end of your stay in Thailand, you have the option to extend your journey and make your way to explore other places by bus, ferry, train or plane.  solo travelling

#4. Canada

Being the second-largest country in the world, Canada offers its tourists enormous variety in terms of activities, cuisine, culture and sightseeing. While its cities are famously cultured and civilized, it is the outdoor assets (within easy reach from Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver) that make the country such as hotspot for solo travelers. From beautiful beaches to lush rainforests and from wild tundra to soaring mountains, Canada has a variety of landscapes spread across six different time zones. 

If you want a taste of Canadian small-town culture, don’t miss visiting Dawson; the town is located in the Yukon Territory. There are plenty of activities that you can do here both in the winters as well as in summertime. solo travelling

#5. Japan

Japan is unarguably one of the safest and most organized countries for travel purposes. It is also very unique in terms of food, culture, and the use of technology (you’ll see the mastery in everything ranging from bathrooms to art museums). 

If you’re traveling solo for the first time, beware of the language barrier; English is not commonly spoken in Japan and many train signs and signals are in Japanese. However, you can always make use of your apps for directions and use the ‘point and nod method’ for your food order. Having said that, the Japanese people are so helpful and friendly that the language barrier would not be as stressful as it can be in certain other countries. The transportation system is very organized so you wouldn’t have to worry about delays in your plans. Also, eating alone is a norm in japan so you wouldn’t find yourself to be the odd one out when dining at restaurants.  solo travelling

#6. New Zealand

New Zealand is another popular destination for solo traveling, especially for those who love the outdoors. From rainforests and waterfalls to caves and fjords, and from rugged glaciers to gorgeous lakes, there is so much to see and do in New Zealand that you’ll never get bored on your own. Also, the locals are friendly and helpful, and the navigation is fairly simple solo travelling

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