September 21, 2023

Maren Morris Playboy, chasing after you

maren morris nude

maren morris nude

Maren Morris is celebrating her expression of ‘country girl sexuality’ ahead of the release of her next album.

The country music star, 31, opened up about the 2019 Playboy shoot in a caption of a topless Instagram photo posted on Friday, shutting down critics’ comments.

“Before moving on to the next season of albums, I did @playboy in 2019 and I got a lot of hate then, but I’m most proud of showing country girl sexuality here in its (genuine) form.” very),” she Morris wrote. . . . . “We are detailed, confused and stretched out in the most beautiful way. Don’t sleep on us. We tell you the stories of home on the most unflinching and beautiful tape.”

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Morris posed for the summer 2019 issue of Playboy, Gender and Sexuality, where she appeared topless in red pants, cowhide cowboy boots, and a cowboy hat.

Her photos were met with criticism online from commenters who said she would “lose the respect” of her fans and that she “didn’t want to expose herself” to the world. He couldn’t stand it.
“My thing is that I make music for me,” Morris replied in an Instagram story at the time. “I later learned it was about others, which is the most wonderful side effect of being a songwriter. Others can shame me with my sexual comments and you can put me in your box, but I just want to live and love. .I recently gave up and am going to frame these pictures because I can’t go back to this moment.
The middle-aged singer often speaks out about body image issues and gender inequality in the music industry. She has one child, a son named Hayes, who is 2, with husband Ryan Hurd.

Morris’ third studio album, “Humble Quest,” comes out Friday.

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