7 Proven Ways to Market your Mobile App

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Ever since the Android and iOS operating systems launch, the app market has attained a new dimension. 

Over time, as smartphone usage has increased, the technology used to create mobile apps has also advanced and is increasingly powerful and fascinating.

Okay, so you’ve developed your mobile app and now want to introduce it to the world, right? Kudos to your effort in building a high-quality and user-friendly app. But the real success and even the motto behind developing an app is to reach your target audience. Yes, unless you market your app in a way that reaches your target audience, your app will get lost in the pool of other apps out there.

Wait! Wait! Don’t fret. Here in this blog, we will guide you by listing out 10 proven ways that can help your app reach a larger audience. 

The list given here is not in order; you can pick the ideas that appeal to you that best fits your budget. But before we go any further, let us first know what app marketing is and why it’s important for your app to be successful 

What is App Marketing

It is generally a plan made to attract people to an app and have them download it. For your understanding, it is about creating marketing campaigns that communicate with your target audience at every stage of their app’s life cycle.

Why is it crucial for you’re app to succeed ?

For any business, marketing is essential. No business can reach its users without marketing. Before launching your app, marketing plays a vital role. There are many ways you can do that and achieve a customer base.

The main goal of marketing an app is to ensure that users do not forget the app after using it once or twice and uninstalling it from their device. The success relies on not just  having millions of users but retaining and increasing the existing user base.

Marketing is crucial because it is an effective way to not just reach your users but to nurture them to the point they become evangelists and begin recommending your app to others.

How to Market your Mobile App?

No matter how well and in ‘n’ number of ways you market your mobile, what is the point if it doesn’t reach your audience. 

Identify your Users

Marketing your mobile app requires investment both time and money.

With the competition increasing rapidly , it is quite hard to gain a significant number of users. 

 So understanding this current state, the primary thing you should do is figure out your users. When you identify your users, you can more easily identify the following things like

  • the promotional messages
  • And where to find them

In the next section, we’ll list the 7 most effective ways to market your mobile app.

7 Ways to Market Your App

QR Code

QR (quick response) codes are a machine-readable 2D barcode consisting of black and white squares that store information.

Promoting your app with this method is one of the best ways to advertise. You can either add this to your website, mailings, brochures, business card, storefront windows, bills, etc. It is preferable because you’re primary target is a smartphone user. 

It is not just easy for the user to scan the code,but you can also easily track how many times the code was scanned and compare its performance against other channels

Mobile Advertising

It refers to ads displayed on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.  If you want to do PPC advertising for your app, ensure to put your ads on mobile devices. Google offers app download ads specifically to your target users while they are on the hunt searching on their phones.

If they are searching on websites, Google will display ads on it that will easily prompt your users to look into your app and urge them to install and sign up on it.

Have an SEO optimized WordPress Website

It is critical to have a user-friendly and mobile-friendly website to promote your app. With the technological advancements, you have zero worries about developing a website. Yes, now anyone can create a website without typing a single line of code. So before launching , build an attractive and highly-intuitive website that will speak for your app and will become your app’s marketing tool. 

The easiest and most common way to build a website is using WordPress along with a free or low-cost site template. 

You can then use this site to keep your users informed and promote your app. 

Also make sure the content on your blog is properly optimised for search engines.

Market on LinkedIn

One of the easiest ways to reach professionals and entrepreneurs is by promoting your app through LinkedIn. 

With Linkedin, you can easily target specific companies, students, organizations, etc. It also has groups and forums which you can use to promote your business or to to discover the industry professionals and companies related to your app.

Create posts with  eye catching images or videos that would help your target user.

This helps attract the interest of an audience and over time build a relationship with them that could eventually lead to them becoming loyal users


It is a great way to garner users. When it comes to promoting your app, you can write informative articles on your blog .

For Example food delivery apps like UberEats and Grubhub post food related articles ,entertaining quizzes and updates to keep their users informed and engaged.

You can also blog on other sites in your niche that your target users would read.

Ensure your guest post is not too promotional. Maybe at the end of the post, you can include a small blurb where you’re readers can go to find out more about your app

Make your bio as enticing as possible and link to the page on your website where users can learn more about or download the app.

Ask for app reviews on mobile app review sites

A product’s success often relies on reviews. Positive reviews can propel your app in the market, while bad reviews can bury it. Getting on an app review site means you will have to convince them that your app is good enough to be reviewed by them.

Let’s say, you got featured on a popular site like AppAdvice, this could lead to thousands of unique visitors on your website and app store page. 

Same for other well-known blogs like the Next Web , without a doubt, you could expect a significant amount of traffic to flow through to your website and app store listing.

Youtube/Video Marketing

People enjoy watching videos. In fact, they prefer watching videos rather than reading an article. Hence, make high-quality animated videos and post them on your channel. 

Ensure your video highlights the problems you app can solve.

With a few videos, you can easily reach the audience and generate interest in your app. 

You can then  use these videos to promote and generate interest in your app 

Make sure you have good thumbnails, titles and descriptions.

In a Nutshell

The above mentioned methods should have spurred on some ideas that’ll help you market your app.

These techniques should help you reach your target audience easier and stand out in the crowded app marketplace.

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