Ok google configure my device/ok google configura mi dispositivo

Ok google configure my device ok google configura mi dispositivo

Ok google configure my device ok google configura mi dispositivo

Ok google configure my device/ok google configura mi dispositivo: Mobile Voice Assistant is one of the tools that most of us underestimate and do not use, but it is far more useful than it really seems. Since the launch of Android 5.0, Google Assistant or Google Assistant has been in stable versions, allowing us to perform voice commands so that we can interact to perform all kinds of functions. Next, I will explain how to set up and use my Ok Google Tool.

Voice Command Ok Install Google

First, it’s important to update your Google app to the latest version to add the latest features to the tool and to avoid bugs. To do this, you can easily access the Google Play Store, type in Google in the search engine and navigate to the appropriate tab. If the button tells us to update, we can download the new version of the application. Click on it and wait for the process to complete. Ok google configure my device ok google configura mi dispositivo

How to activate Google

To use this feature to configure my device, we need to follow these steps:

Sign in to the newly updated Google App.
Click on the “Settings” menu in the upper right corner of the screen and enter Settings.
In Settings, find the voice option and then enter your voice match.
In the next window, we will see two options “Ok Google” and “Voice Match”. They work together to use the phone with voice commands when voice matching is unlocked. Select the options you want to use and follow the prompts.
Now you need to set up voice commands for which the device will ask you to say the word “OK Google” three times to identify your voice, so you can do different things while talking on your mobile phone.
In the final step, the device only warns that unlocking your phone with a voice command is not as safe as using a security PIN.
At the same time, your device is already configured to execute commands and voice prompts.

OK Disable Google
To disable the voice command function, we need to follow the procedure described earlier:

Go to Google.

Then in the settings.
This voice corresponds to the next voice, and then according to the voice.
Now you see the “Ok Google” option, click the “Button” button to turn it off.
OK Google Offline
It is interesting to note that the Google feature allows us to perform voice commands without an internet connection, for which we need to configure the device along with the default commands. Google Assistant.

Is good. To set up Google and use it offline, you need to sign in to Google, Settings, and then Voice Selection and finally the Offline Voice Recognition feature.

Commonly used voice commands

Well, below we list the most common commands among Google users to keep in mind when using these new features. You can find out more on the Google Assistant website.

Okay, talk to Google Medieval Gumball.
Ok Google, tell me a joke.
Ok Google, sing me a song.
Well, Google is the most corrupt president in the world.

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