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optimize hard drive defraggler: Are you facing a slow down in the performance of your computer from the past few days and you are thinking of purchasing a new machine. If your answer is yes and it is the only reason for getting a new computer then we would like to share some tips with you to optimize your hard drive and regain the lost performance of your computer. Well, this is not only a cost effective approach but it will save a lot of time that is involved in searching out for a new computer and then transferring all the data from an old PC to new one. defraggler

Defragment and Optimize your Hard Drive

Since the Hard drive of your PC performs the basic task of storing the files. So, over time storing and deleting the files on your hard drive makes it fragmented. And if the data stored on a drive is fragmented then your hard drive has to put some extra effort and this will lead to slow down of the computer. However, defragmenting your hard drive will resolve this issue as defragging a hard drive rearranges all the data that is fragmented.

Note: Defrag on SSD is not required.

  1. Click on the Windows Start button and in the Windows search box type defrag. Now from the results click on the Defragment and Optimize Drives app.
  2. This will open the Optimize Drives window from where you can defrag all your hard drives. If you are using SSD for OS drive then do note that  SSD does not need defragmentation like HDD. And this is the reason the option of Analyze is grayed out.
  3. However when you select HDD or hard disk drive, the option to analyze the disk will become enabled. Click on the Analyze button to start the process. defraggler
  4. Once the selected partition is analyzed click on the Optimize button to start the defragmentation process on that selected partition if the analysis results show the status as Needs Optimization.
  5. Once the optimization process is complete, the status on the Optimize Drives window will immediately show that the particular drive now no longer requires optimization. defraggler
optimize hard drive
optimize hard drive

This entire process can also be automated on a weekly or monthly basis as per your requirement.

Check your Hard Disk for System File Errors

Press Windows + R keys at the same time to open Windows File Explorer.

Now right click on the drive to check for system file errors and from the resultant menu select Properties.

In the Properties Window click on the Tools tab.

optimize hard drive
optimize hard drive

Click on the Check option to start the process of error checking on your drive.

optimize hard drive
optimize hard drive

Now from time to time since your computer automatically performs this operation, you may get a prompt saying, You don’t need to scan this drive. But click on the Scan drive option to continue.

optimize hard drive
optimize hard drive

Depending on the size of the partition and the status it would take a few minutes to complete the process of error checking.

optimize hard drive
optimize hard drive

Although the above steps will help you to optimize your hard drive and eventually speedup the performance of your PC. But if still you didn’t notice any improvement in the performance of your PC then you can try different available Windows Tuneup utilities. These utilities overall improve the performance of the PC and help you to keep your system in good shape with just a single click.

Out of various available Windows Tuneup utilities, our recommendation is Systweak’s Advanced System Optimizer. This all in one optimization suit helps you to check various areas of your PC, like registry, disk, drivers and fix any problem with just a single click. Some of the salient features of Advanced System Optimizer are as follows:

– Smart PC Care to tune up PC in single click

– Disk Defrag to optimize hard disk for best performance

– Startup Manager to improve PC speed

– Driver updater to update outdated system drivers

– Undelete to recover accidently deleted data files

– Registry Cleaner to fix any invalid registry errors

– System Protector to remove spyware infections

– Startup Manager module for faster Windows bootup.

– All this and much more in a single product!

So, folks this is all from our side. We hope that our article has helped you in optimizing your hard disk and regaining the lost performance.

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