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How Can You Prevent Spyware from Accessing Your Computer?

revent Spyware

revent Spyware

Prevent Spyware: Microsoft Windows operating system has evolved a lot in the past few years. Windows Defender has prevented thousands of malicious attacks however we couldn’t attain complete security. Cybercriminals are also discovering new techniques to get into our computers and causing harm to our data, identity, privacy and more. There are various ways spyware can enter your computer and steal information.

As per their functionality, Spyware is more vulnerable than Viruses. A Virus only multiplies and fill up your hard drive however spyware can steal your private and confidential information and cause financial losses. Here in this article, we have covered how spyware can enter your computer, how to prevent spyware attacks, how to remove spyware and which is the best spyware and malware removal for Windows 10 and earlier version in 2021.

What is A Spyware?

Spyware is software designed with malicious behaviour that gathers covert information of the victim and sends it to the person who created it. It can gather personal, official, behavioural, shopping, banking, identity, credit card information and cause financial losses. It can also track your location, your activity, and transmit data from your hard drive to the creator of this software.

Spyware Versions

There are different versions of spyware designed for different purposes. Spyware is a broad category that can be sub-categorized into multiple segments.

Adware – This program tracks your online behaviour and activities and displays relevant ads based on your interest, searches and browsing habits. Adware is not harmful but can hamper your system performance and annoying at times.

Trojan – Trojans are specifically designed to steal banking, credit card information to steal money from your account. They gather this sensitive information and send it to the feeder. Cybercriminals use this information to steal money from your account or shop using your credit card details.

System Monitor – This is a specially designed algorithm to monitor and record everything happening on your computer. It captures your keystrokes, chats messages, email replies, websites visited, phone calls, and every other activity including your can be used by businesses for enhanced productivity or for the same of committing a crime.

Stalkerware – It’s specially designed for smartphones to keep a track of their phone calls, messages, and spying on their location. Anybody whose phone is bugged with Stalkerware can be completely tracked.

Keyloggers – Are mainly designed to capture every keystroke along with the page information. If you are on a banking page and you enter your User name & Password, this information can be captured and shared with the sender.

How to Prevent Spyware Attack?

There are several best practices that you can perform to prevent a Spyware attack. A few of them are listed here for better protection.

1.     Install Windows Updates

Microsoft Windows operating system releases a lot of updates, bug fixes, patches, security updates and features on a weekly basis. It is recommended to install all the latest updates and keep your Windows protected.

Step 1. Press (Win + I) to get into the Settings window.

Step 2. Scroll down and select Updates & Security option at the bottom.

Step 3. Click on the Check for Updates button to scan and download all the latest updates and security features. Windows will download and install the latest updates on your PC.

If critical updates are installed on your PC and if needed, windows will prompt you to restart the computer to finish installing new updates. You can also configure the settings from the ‘Advanced Options’ section at the bottom. Also, check out the Windows Security settings and keep Virus & Threat protection plus Firewall turned ON.

2.     Install the Best Spyware Protection

The best spyware protection can ensure double layer protection over Windows Defender to safeguard your computer. If you don’t keep an antivirus installed and Windows Updates are not installed properly, your system is vulnerable to security threats.

Systweak Antivirus is one of the best spyware protections that you can install on your computer. McAfee, Norton, Kaspersky, Comodo, are a few of the alternatives if you want to spend extra on security software. don’t fall into the trap of a free spyware and malware removal tool as nothing comes for free. Maybe, you are downloading another spyware in the name of FREE spyware tool.

Systweak Antivirus has a huge database of known infections and it can also offer zero-day spyware protection (PUPs). It is lightweight software and doesn’t impact your system performance even if it is set to offer real-time protection. It silently scans and protects your PC from internal and external threats and remove spyware from your devices. Apart from offering security features, it also offers great optimization, cleaning, safe web browsing, startup optimization, performance boosters and more. Check out the Full Review of the Best Antivirus program in 2021.

3.     Use a Virtual Private Network (VPN)

If you often connect to public networks, a VPN is much required for your Windows. When you connect to public Wi-Fi or hotspot connections at airports, restaurants, or waiting lounges, your computer is prone to spyware attacks. A VPN client can replace your IP address and mask your identity to make you go anonymous. VPN can help you explore global content and bypass regional restrictions on all the websites, streaming sites and social networking sites. The Best VPN Client can keep you connected with over 4500 servers in 200 plus locations in over 53 countries. Most of the best Virtual Private Networks charge for their services, but they also have free trials. If you want to save money on a VPN, check out this round-up of the top VPN deals.

4.     Scan Email Attachments & Links

Most of the browsers and email clients have their own security scan to check every attachment and link in incoming and outgoing emails. If your browser doesn’t have one, you can download security extensions on your browser. You need to ensure that you click on the secured links and websites with HTTPS:// (With a Lock Sign).

5.     Keep an Eye on Notification Center

Windows Defender or the Spyware Cleaner will always notify you of the found threats. It is important for you to attend and act on each security notifications that you receive. Take appropriate and suggested actions or scan regularly to keep all the infections out of your device. The notification centre on the right-hand side bottom will show you alerts for found threats. Keep your antispyware software to scan everything on a real-time basis.

Summing Up

Spyware infections can not only harm your computer but steal your personal and confidential information to cause financial losses. Your privacy, identity and banking information can go on toss without proper spyware protection. Systweak Antivirus is one of the best spyware cleaners to remove spyware and offer additional security on your Windows. Keep it Safe!

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