Quick and Easy tips for cleaning up mac

how to clear space on mac

how to clear space on mac

Want to know how to clean Mac? Continue reading!

How to clear space on mac: Junk is one thing that you cannot see but when evaluated shows the amount of space it occupies on a machine and cleaning it can be tedious as well as a never-ending task. We often don’t give much attention to the junk data we accumulate on our Mac machines and hence unknowingly stuff up storage space which leads to poor performance and abnormalities. Owing to this, it is very important that we free up space on Mac and delete junk and other wanted data from our Mac so that we have a better performing device today and always.

While learning how to clean Mac, you can follow many workarounds like cleaning the junk, removing unwanted applications, etc manually, or even choosing to install one of the best Mac cleaners to do the task for you. This guide shall walk you through both ways. So without further ado, let us start cleaning our Mac and have it optimized.

How To Clean Mac:

1. Smart Mac Care:

One of the easiest ways to remove junk and optimize Mac is to use the best Mac Cleaner. Smart Mac Care by Systweak Software keeps your Mac optimized and healthy by detecting and deleting all the junk traces, removing infections that can harm your Mac, detect and clean privacy traces, etc and improve the overall health of your Mac.

Smart Mac Care comes with an advanced engine and has three main features like Malware Scan, Junk Scan, and Privacy Scan.

  • Malware Scan effectively scans your Mac for all kinds of malware/spyware/and other infections and cleans them. These when not removed can be deadly for your Mac and can lead to its abnormal functions and even sudden crashes.
  • Junk Scan scans for junk files, cache files, log files, and other unwanted data that sits on your Mac occupying space. It cleans all such junk files and retrieves precious disk space to improve speed and performance. Use the JUnk Scan module to free up space on Mac.
  • Privacy Scan scans for the browsing history, cookies, application history and cleans it which if compromised can lead to serious privacy and security threats.

Download Smart Mac Care today.

2. Remove Unwanted Applications:

We all tend to download innumerable applications not thinking of their future use and the amount of space they occupy. With a Mac full of unwanted applications it slows down since a huge amount of disk space is occupied by them and hence it becomes necessary to delete the applications which are no longer in use.

In order to clean your Mac of unwanted applications simply navigate to downloads or applications and then look for the app you want to delete. Once there, right-click on the app and click on Move To Trash.

Once you have moved the application to trash delete them permanently by removing them from the Trash Folder.

3. Empty The Trash:

While learning how to clean your Mac it is important to know that all that sits in the Trash folder is still present on your Mac and still eats up storage space. We all think that moving anything to the Trash deletes it permanently from the Mac, however the same does not stand true.

In order to delete the data residing in the Trash folder, follow the steps below:

  • Locate the Trash Folder on your Mac. In most cases, it is present in the Dock.
  • Once there click on it and choose the Empty Trash option.
  • You will receive a warning message saying “ Are you sure you want to delete the items in your Trash”. Click on Empty Trash to confirm the deletion.

This way you can easily delete junk and other unwanted data and free up space on Mac.

4. Find And Delete Duplicates:

Another major culprit behind the slowing down of any Mac is the presence of duplicate files, pictures, audio, videos, etc. Duplicates reside in your Mac as a result of saving the same files or other data at different times and locations, downloading them multiple times, and many other occasions.

These duplicate data can be a pain for you when not attended to and occupies large disk space. One can choose to use a duplicate file finder app like Duplicate Files Fixer or can even choose to clean them manually.

Duplicates Files Fixer from Systweak Software is an amazing tool that easily scans the entire Mac for duplicate and similar files, pictures, audio, video, and all sorts of other files and easily removes them.

5. Delete Old iOS Backups:

Another useful way to free up space on Mac is to remove the old iOS backups. For this follow the steps below:

  • Click on Apple Menu and then click on the About This Mac option.
  • Navigate to the Storage tab > Manage > iOS Files.
  • Choose the iOS backup you wish to remove > Choose to Delete and confirm the deletion.

How to clean a Mac is a difficult question for people who are not very tech-savvy and do not know the technicalities of Mac and how to perform different tasks. This article was inclined towards learning how to free up space on Mac by using the best Mac cleaners and also to perform different tasks to declutter and optimize your Mac thereby leaving it running smooth and fast.

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