December 8, 2023


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5 Fun Ways to Incorporate Tech to Make Remote Working Productive

at home jobs

at home jobs

It wouldn’t be wrong to state that technology is ruling the world. Take the healthcare IT service provider, for instance. It doesn’t matter where you live, what you do, and where you work, you will see that most of your things and tasks depend on technology.

Technology has taken over the world, especially with the ongoing pandemic. The world has shrunk to a global village. Remote working has become the latest norm, which means more technology is being incorporated to deal with staying productive and focused from the comfort of your homes.

Working from home is not easy and comes with its own set of challenges, especially if one is working from home for the first time. Let us see how you can incorporate tech to make remote working fun and productive.

Install Different Meeting Apps

You can install different meeting apps to serve different purposes. For instance, you can install skype to call your clients and Slack to keep in text-based conversations with your team. Many apps also allow the transition from audio/ text to a video while allowing you to take notes during the video-call. You can also benefit from the screen-share option so that everyone who is part of the meeting can take notes and be an active part of the virtual meeting.

Stimulate an “IRL” Office Space

Did you know that you can use Slack and relevant apps o to recreate and simulate a real-life live in-house office atmosphere? By recreating a live in-office semblance, you can ask questions and discuss crucial matters in a group channel. If you have to deal with your team leader privately, you can access them in private chats.

Use Cloud

You can integrate Google Drive and Business Cloud to effectively integrate your files and make the sharing and accessing of files easier. You can also use Slack, Slack Bot, Skype, and Google Drive to integrate whatever you want, preferably files, and ensure that you and your co-workers are on the same page.

For instance, if you share a file on Google Drive and make it accessible to anyone, your co-workers can easily access the file/ documents without repetitively asking for permission to access the file. Besides using a cloud-integrated business solution, you can also incorporate IaaS service providers to grow productivity during remote work.

Block All Potential Distractors

Did you know that there are tech apps that install self-control within us? These apps can potentially block all websites that you roam too often, but that also steals away your productivity and focus. You can set a tight schedule when such distracting apps ought to be blocked while you can stay focused on your tasks at hand.

For instance, if your greatest time-wasting website is Instagram, you can have it blocked while you work. By temporarily blocking the site, you can keep the focus on the task at hand. at home jobs

Keep The Lights in The Right Direction

Since most in-person interactions depend on video platforms, keeping the lights positioned in the right direction can make the quality, sound, and look of the video conferences better. Your lights ought to be positioned at a spot where your co-workers can see you. Not only will this be pleasant for everyone who is part of the video conference, but it will also make you look better on the screens. 

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