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tamilrockers proxy

tamilrockers proxy: Everyone knows that Tamil Locker is now available to all viewers who want to download the latest movies for free. Problems can occur with Tamil Locker sites blocked by the ISP.

What is Tamil Rocker?

Tamilrockers is a pirated content download site where users can download free movies, series, songs, and other content. The site first appeared in 2011 and has since slowed down to reach all Internet users. Tamil Rockers is now a leading provider of pirated content, from which users can download pirated movies with one click.

Tamilrockers exists all over the world and operates a variety of servers. Some still do not know its existence and function. There has been a long debate about banning websites because they violate the content provider’s privacy policy, but Tamilrockers works by immediately changing the domain name when an ISP blocks an accessible domain. Did.

Why is Tamil Rocker Banned?

Tamilrockers are banned because they handle pirated content. The ISP is blocking websites because the government has taken steps to ban all pirated content distribution sites. To this day, the number of pirated movies on the site is so great that Tamilrockers places pirated copies on the site each time a version of the movie is shown.

The deadline to apply for a special event permit is 30 days before the event, but we recommend that you apply as soon as possible.

To address this, ISPs were asked to ban websites, and ISPs took action to ban domains that could access Tamilrockers content. But within hours, the Tamilrockers created a new domain name and provided access to pirated content.

How does Tamil Rocker work even if it’s forbidden?

Tamilrockers remains the top provider of pirated content, despite being banned by the government and blocked by ISPs. The reason behind this is to change the domain name of Tamil Locker. Also, there are proxies and VPNs that can be used to unblock Tamil Locker.

Tamilrockers run on a variety of servers and are present all over the world. Ethical hackers argue that websites change so frequently that they are not completely banned.

Although India has legislation that restricts pirated content, Tamil Locker still displays pirated content and grants access to millions of subscribers.

How can I access Tamil Locker if it is prohibited?

You can access Tamilrockers using a proxy URL or a VPN URL.

The proxy service is a service that bypasses the network there and provides unlimited access to the desired content. There are public and private proxies. Proxy allows you to connect to the Internet using different IP addresses so that you can hide your IP address.
VPN: A virtual private network or VPN provides access to content by avoiding network restrictions. Using VPN You can connect from anywhere in the world. There are private VPNs and public VPNs
What are some examples of proxies and VPNs to connect to Tamilrockers?
Proxy – There are thousands of proxy sites that have easy access to restricted content. These proxies usually hide the original identification, which is the original IP address, allowing you to connect with different IP addresses. Therefore, your identity in the online world is hidden. Taking into account Internet traffic and usage, the number of proxy service providers has increased significantly. As technology grows, the use of powers becomes mandatory.

There are many types of proxy that start with a transparent proxy, an anonymous proxy, a warp proxy, and a high authority proxy.

Unblock Tamil Locker using a proxy

How to use the proxy:
You now have a list of the most used proxy websites. You can access them by following four easy steps:

Step 1: Click on the URL above

Step 2: Enter the URL of the website blocked by Tamilrockers

Step 3: press Enter

Step 4: explore unlimited content without restrictions
Unblock Tamil Locker using VPN
Unblock Tamil Locker using a proxy


VPN is also known as virtual private network. Basically, it is an encrypted connection, so it is secure. It hides the original IP address and allows you to manipulate and view the world online with the automatically generated IP. You can connect from anywhere in the world. This is because most VPN service providers provide access to most of the countries where the server operates.

VPN works by creating a point-to-point tunnel connection, so the data sent is encrypted.

Here are some VPN examples:

Touch VPN is a widely used VPN that comes with Chrome, IE, and Firefox extensions. Some web browsers, like Opera, offer their own VPN to connect securely to websites on the Internet.

Few examples of proxies are as below:

link 1: https://proxysite.cc/
link 2: https://www.filterbypass.me/
link 3: https://hide.me/en/proxy
link 3: https://www.hidemyass.com/en-in/proxy
link 4: https://free-proxy-list.net/web-proxy.html
link 5: https://www.fossmint.com/free-proxy-for-anonymous-web-browsing/


By taking full advantage of proxies and VPNs, Tamilrockers can now be unblocked and viewed anytime, anywhere. We hope you like our article and find it useful. Thanks for reading the same.

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