5 Technologies That Affect Our Lives in 2021

Technological Trends

In a world that is still crippled by the Covid-19 pandemic, 2021 presents a perfect year when we are set to experience more of how technological trends help us. The decreased socialization and interaction level means we can only turn to technologies in conducting our day-to-day activities. With the pandemic still ravaging us, a lot can also be said of the gaming world.

The expectations to see more gaming activities shifting online are already an experience that is with us. This is technologically driven, thanks to leading technologies such as Blockchain that have redefined games like Mr bet

Let’s find out more about how key technological advancements are set to affect our lives in 2021.

1. The 5G Network Is Set to Increase Internet Connectivity

The biggest technological trends of 2021 is arguably the rollout of the worldwide 5G network. With this network connectivity, there’s no doubt about reliability, massive network capacity, and increased availability with how we’ll run our daily activities.

The reduced interactions due to the COVID-19 pandemic mean we should continue to embrace handling most of our activities remotely as we did in the part of 2020. This can be more expected in the medical world, with the embrace of telemedicine. In-person visits to the doctor may become rare, thanks to virtual visits enabled by low- latency, HD-quality wireless networks. 

We should also expect the 5G’s high bandwidth and low latency to make augmented and virtual reality more practical. Like the previous 3G and 4G network connectivity, 5G is expected to offer more about its possibilities ahead

2. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence has been a buzzing technological trends since it came to light. Its notable effects and a continued impact on our lives means it’s still one of the biggest technologies of the future. The interference brought about by the pandemic is set to ensure artificial intelligence goes mainstream in 2021.

It is estimated close to 60 percent of firms that had not invested in technology by 2020 were forced to fast track the process. This is due to the pandemic that brought a huge shift in how workplaces and business functions are handled. From telecommuting to edge computing, we should expect artificial intelligence to take the center stage in many technology transformations of 2021.

The most significant of this technological transformation shall involve shifting from virtual meetings to virtual workspaces. Most companies are set to replicate their physical presence in the digital world. There shall be huge technological investment from businesses seeking to transfer their work from a physical space to a digital space. Artificial intelligence has made huge advancement in the pharmaceutical manufacturing world with electronic batch records software in digitising the production records and eliminating the errors in record management.

3. The Robotic Process Automation

2020 already introduced us to why technologies are important and can replace people in executing different business functions. If anything, the pandemic motivated many organizations to automate different repetitive tasks. We are set to see more of these technologies in 2021, with Robotic Process Automation helping in job automation.

Don’t expect to see the deployment of RPA technology in repetitive and tedious tasks only. More is expected, especially beyond the finance and accounting worlds. Companies are set to build momentum from the early successes of 2020 by replicating them in other business areas. Furthermore, its anticipated organizations will try to move higher into other business functions such as HR.

The growing integrations between RPA and other before and now technologies mean it’s likely to become the new Enterprise resource planning for organizations.

4. Blockchain

Globally, around 0.5 percent of people have embraced Blockchain technology.  However, it’s further revealed that more than 90 percent of Most European and North American banks had put Blockchain technology solutions on their radar before the pandemic set in. The efficiency and security assurance that comes with blockchain-backed transactions means it’s one of the great and standout technologies in 2021. 

In the worldwide Blockchain value market, the banking industry leads the way when it comes to embracing Blockchain technology. However, we should expect more businesses to adopt this technology to enhance their business processes. The pandemic is also expected to accelerate this digital transformation drive in many other Industries like:

  • Supply chain management industries
  • Cybersecurity firms

5. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

Virtual reality and augmented reality are considered technologies of the future and beyond. Through integration with other technologies, these two technologies will affect our lives in 2021 in different ways. 

For instance, In the context of COVID-19 research and beyond, we should expect to see a reduction in the gap between physical and virtual experiences in Lab researching. AR is also set to transform education by expanding the curriculum reach for most students beyond different borders where Covid-19 lockdowns may have found them. 

Final Thoughts

Many technological trends are evolving around us, offering a glimpse of how our lives may seem different in the years to come. Some point to a better side of lives, whereas others offer little or no promise of a positive impact. 

Regardless of whether we stand to gain or lose, there is no denying technologies in 2021 offer more hope than ever. How do you think technologies will affect your life in 2021? Let us know in the comments.

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