Wireless Mouse Guide and Tips for A Better Life

Wireless Mouse Guide

Computer technology has changed with time earlier when the mouse and keyboard needed a wire to connect with the system, now it can be connected via other transmitting devices without a wire. Wireless mouse offers great ease and comfort to the user as they can use it anywhere. Users can work the way they want without any restriction. 

In the wireless segment, there are many types of mice available which a user can pick from. Let’s check some of the types. 

1. Optical Mice

Optical Mouse is one of the oldest in the wireless segment. The mouse uses the infrared sensor for transmitting the location of the mouse. The mouse has been for more than 5 years now and has been showing satisfactory results from users’ end. 

2. RF Frequency Mice 

Using the RF signals the RF frequency mouse function. The RF transmitter is placed between the mouse, which helps in picking the signals and location of the mouse. Using the hard drive slot it transfers the signal, which helps in locating the mouse when it moves around. 

3. Bluetooth Mice 

The way RF mice use the transmitter, the Bluetooth mouse uses 2.4gigahertz frequencies to connect which can be used by other Bluetooth devices as well.  The mouse can work in a distance radius of 17 feet. 

4. USB Mice

A small device helps in transmitting the signal which is inserted into the USB port. All major parts of the system are used for transmitting a signal, likewise, the USB mouse uses the USB port. It transmits the signal to the computer which is decoded to find the location of the device. 

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These are the types of wireless mouse, which users can use for communicating with the system. Using the wireless device you need to keep in mind some important factors that can help in increasing the life of your wireless device including the wireless mouse.  Let’s check some of the tips to improve the life of a mouse. 

  • Switch Off Wireless mouse when not in use

The battery is consumed when the mouse is kept on for working but it is not being used. It’s human nature that we keep the device connected so there is no delay in work, but that is not how the wireless device should be kept. When the device is at rest or not being used you can simply switch it off. It is a very common but most ignored mistake which users make. If the battery is used properly then the user can observe the long life of the device and better performance. 

  • Type of batteries

The batteries are the powerhouse for the mouse, which makes it one of the most important components. Using the right and advised batteries is important as it can affect the working and efficiency of the device. Using the same brands of the battery is also important, sometimes using different brands can also end up lagging the device. The most preferred and used batteries in the mouse are Alkaline batteries, as they generate sufficient power for the power and they don’t leak. 

Always check if the battery is leaking or not before using them as it can damage the device. 

  • Branded mouse 

The mouse from a known brand is important. Using a new brand mouse can not deliver the result which a user expects from the device. We have seen that the user faces some issues with the functioning and life of the mouse. We have always advised users to use a branded mouse though they are costlier than the working is what matters other than money.  

  • Interference

As stated the mouse uses signals and to transmit the location to the computer. The interference or metal object between the mouse and the system can affect the working. The signals can be distracted or absorbed by any object in between, it is always preferred to use and remove the object which can interfere with the signal transmission. 

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  • Use light-colored surface

Most of you would not know how the surface can affect the working and battery life of the device,  but it does. The glossy surface on which the mouse works pretty well tends to consume more battery to transmit signals. Avoid using the device on the surface like granite table and glass top. Try and use the surface which is light-colored or the mouse pad which is light-colored to improve the battery life of the mouse and smooth functioning. 

  • Keep it near the system

The manufacturers may tend to offer a radius that can be used by the user but using it at a distance can lead to more battery consumption, which we can reduce. Use the mouse near the system as it can easily transmit in low battery consumption. 

  • Use keyboard shortcuts

This tip can be used but most of us try to avoid it. In the long run, using the keyboard shortcuts can help in increasing the battery life of the mouse. Other than just improving the life of the device it can also help the user in fast working without switching devices like a keyboard to mouse. 

  • Update drivers

Drivers are a very crucial element that helps in connection and its functioning. Users, especially Windows 10 users who have an outdated set of drivers can witness the problem of the wireless mouse not working on Windows 10. To keep the smooth functioning of the device you need to keep the drivers updated. 

There are many ways with which the user can update the drivers including manual as well as automatic methods. Manually updating drivers can be tough and the user can face issues who are new to it. So we advise the user to use driver updater software for keeping the drivers up to date. 

Bit Driver Updater is the best driver updater software in the market that updates all your drivers in the system with just a click.  Taking about some of the best features offered by the software.

  • Accurate and efficient scan results
  • Simple and user-friendly interface
  • Boosts system performance 
  • 60 days money-back guarantee

Enjoy the Smooth Experience and Long Life of Your Wireless Mouse

The battery is one of the most crucial parts when it comes to the smooth functioning of the device. If the power required to the device is not delivered then it can affect the working. The user can feel lag or delay in mouse movement and its display on the screen. 

Now that you have read the blog you can easily improve the life of the mouse and use it without any interruption. We hope that this blog will help you improve the life of your Wireless mouse. 

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