A List Of The Most Widely Used Computer Shortcut Keys

Computer Shortcut Keys

Computer Shortcut Keys

Computer Shortcut Keys: Keyboard shortcut keys are practically essential in any operating system. These shortcuts help in making your task easy without giving much time to a particular thing.

The history of Windows PC shortcut keys draws from 1994, and it still plays a vital role with Windows 10 and other hybrid operating systems. It all started with Windows 95, wherein the computer shortcut keys could perform the basic desktop tasks like minimizing all open windows, opening the start menu, cycling through taskbar buttons, and many others. 

After 95, it was Windows 2000, and one of the prime computer shortcuts was the locking of the desktop. Then came Windows XP, which brought a computer shortcut keys list that contained a plethora of shortcuts. The offerings didn’t stop after XP, as Windows Vista, 7,8, 8.1, 10 had a list of useful computer shortcut keys. In this post, we will be sharing some essential computer shortcut keys you should be knowing.

Windows Key

The windows key is a dedicated key on the keyboard that is used to open and close the start menu. The window key is also used for creating some useful shortcuts. Below are some useful Windows key shortcuts,

  1. Window Key + Up Arrow: It maximizes the selected window
  2. Window Key + Up Arrow: It minimizes the window selected
  3. Window Key + M: It minimizes all open windows
  4. Window Key + L: It Locks the screen
  5. Window Key + Shift + M: This action opens the minimized windows
  6. Window Key + A: Opens the Action center
  7. Window Key + Tab: This combination shows the Task View
  8. Window Key + G: Opens the Xbox Game bar
  9. Window Key + X: Open the secondary start menu
  10. Window Key + C: Opens Cortana in listening mode

Other useful shortcuts

Below are some other salient shortcuts for Windows OS, 


Any time you work on Microsoft Excel, it is difficult to find things. However, to help you with your search, you can use Shift+Space. This combination will select the entire line. Meanwhile, if you wish to delete this line press, Ctrl+DEL.

Alt+S/ CTRL+Enter

This shortcut is used for sending emails instantly. When you are done with writing a mail, use this combination to send the mail.

Cut, Copy, Paste

Cut, Copy, and Paste are perhaps the most basic of them all in the list. These are essential keyboard shortcuts for text-editing and also the most used functions. These options can be pervade via mouse. You can either right click on the selected text or open the edit menu of the application. 

However, to use the shortcut keys, you can opt for the combination of CTRL+C for copying a combination of text (after selecting by dragging the cursor) or file you wish to copy, CTRL+V for pasting the selected combination of text or file, and CTRL+X to cut it.

Search the current page or file

When you have landed on a webpage and want to perform a search quickly, use the CTRL+F shortcut combination. When you use this combination, the “Find” feature will pop up where you can type the phrase or combination you want to search.

The Print command

For official purposes, printing documents is still a popular activity. If you are still following the traditional method of printing, then I bet you can get a far better and swift way by using the combination CTRL+P. Use this combination for Word or PDF files and get your printed document ready.

Close Windows and Tabs

The combination used for closing Tabs and Windows is Alt+F4. You can use this combination to close tabs, tasks, and even shutting down your PC or laptop. Also, you can use CTRL+W to close the current window if there are no other tabs open.

To access the Task Manager

People use the Task Manager especially when any of the programs is stuck or unresponsive. The combination used here is CTRL+ALT+DEL. -This will take you to a screen that gives you options like Lock, Switch User, Sign Out, Task Manager, etc. 

The Browser shortcut keys

Not only for the OS, but you can use shortcut keys extensively for Browsers as well. Below is a list of the popular browser shortcut keys,

CTRL+T: This shortcut allows you to open a new tab with the address bar focused. Use this combination and type a search phrase or a web address, and press Enter.

Hold CTRL and press the right or left arrow keys to go back or forward while using the browser.

CTRL+L: If you wish to focus only on your web browser’s address bar to type a new address or search without opening a new bar, the CTRL+L combination will work.

Time to wind up: So here it is, a list of some of the most widely used shortcut combinations for Windows OS and browser to help you run your tasks with relative ease. What are your favorite pc shortcut keys? Mention in the comments section.

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