September 21, 2023

Thai actress tangmo nida death !

Thai actress tangmo nida death

Thai actress tangmo nida death

Thailand. His body was found with five other people in a speedboat on Feb. 26, about two days after he fell into the Chao Phrai River.

Police are now looking for “new evidence” from CCTV cameras that captured footage of the TV actor on the Nida-based Pachar Virpong boat Tangmo, which sank in the Chao Phraya River earlier this month

The video, taken from a house near the river, shows a man standing in the back of the boat as it goes down the river before the tango falls in the spring and the drowning of Lieut. General . Police Department 1 Police Commissioner Jirapat Phumichit said in the video on Sunday.

He said the photo showed an unidentified man standing behind the boat at 10:34 am. That night – before he fell into the Tangmo River – but further investigation is necessary to determine if the person shown is actually an actor.

He said police would contact video experts from the local film industry to help them identify the boat’s GPS coordinates and improve the clarity of the video.

According to The Sun, Pacharvirpong was on a boat with friends when he fell into the river on his way to a restaurant. His friends noticed he was missing and searched for him for 20 minutes, calling the police and calling the police and sending 30 searchers to search. Pachar Wierpong’s brother, Des Dejab, also joined the search and said he saw “something floating” in the water. Later, Pacharavirapong’s body was found.

According to Thailand’s PBS newspaper, the case took a new turn on March 8 when police said at a press conference that there was no evidence of violence. Royal Thai Police spokesman Major General Ingios Thepjumnong said he did not appear interested in testifying.

The owner and captain of the ship are criminally charged with causing the death of another person through negligence, but no one else was on board the night of Pacharveer Pong’s death.

Friends of Pacharveerpong admitted he had been drinking but did not say he had been drinking, the spokesman said. As for the amputation of Pacherawerpong’s leg, the spokesperson said it was not known whether the leg was amputated before or after his death.

Who is Nida?

Nida Pacharwirapong, also known as Pattaratida Pacharwirapong, who is popularly known as Tangmo, is a famous Thai actress who is known for her work in various Thai films Started acting in 2003.

Justice in Tangmo

The justice for Tangmo Nida became famous when the 37-year-old actor found his body in the river in Nonthaburi area, 300 meters from Pibulsongkhram pier on Saturday, February 26, 2022, after his brother went on a 38-hour boating trip with his boss and four others on Thursday night He is said to have fallen.

His brother, Dios Detzob, told local reporters that “they came to take him home” and that police would handle the entire investigation. The boat’s owner Tanpat Lertavivit and driver Paybul Trikanchanan have been charged with murder. In addition, Mr. Lertavit is charged with building a boat without a license.

Five passengers on board at the time of the incident have also been handed over to local police for questioning. After the interview, the actor sat in the back of the boat and stopped himself, Lertavvit said. Pacharavirapong allegedly grabbed a friend’s leg when he fell into the sea while his friend was checking his phone.

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