December 3, 2023


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The Biggest Lie In ROBOTICS

Advanced Robots

Advanced Robots

“It’s Just Like You See In the Movies”

There is more to the reality of robotics than most people think, and this article explains why. Robots are vastly different from what you commonly see on TV, they have nothing in common with R2D2 or C3PO, and those are robots for movies and fiction books only. Real robots tend to be hidden away inside a company or a research lab that does not mean they are not real; they can be even more impressive than what Hollywood movies would have you believe.

The Most Advanced Robots Are Hiding In Your Office Right Now

You are probably spending the majority of your day surrounded by robots. They might look familiar to you but chances are that you don’t really know just how smart they are. According to the results of a study commissioned by Google about attitudes towards Artificial Intelligence, up to 66% of people have no idea just how advanced robotics has become in recent years.

You’ve Seen Humanoid Robots before but not like this!

Humanoid robots became more popular when the Japanese introduced their entertainment robot QRIO but it was unclear whether QRIO was a robot or a computer animation; there was no information on how advanced it really was. When Google acquired Boston Dynamics and announced that they were going to work on the development of pack mules for the US Marines, people lost track of what’s real and what’s not.

Amazing Robots – There Is A Huge Difference Between What Hollywood Shows Us And What We Can Actually Build!

The fusion between robotics and artificial intelligence is an exciting subject that has captured pop culture through movies such as “I, Robot”, “Her” and even the new Will Smith movie “After Earth”. They say that science fiction often becomes reality but in this case it just isn’t true, we are nowhere near matching the capabilities displayed by robots in those movies.

What does Hollywood present As the Future of Robotics?

Humorous robots such as “Wall-E” and “robots that look like humans” are just films; the reality of robotics is very different. Robots that can actually do things and not just look good on screen don’t exist in real life because creating them would cost millions of dollars, but maybe we will see one in our lifetime.

The Reality of Artificial Intelligence & How It Can Help Your Business Grow

People tend to think of A.I. (artificial intelligence) as a powerful computer capable of beating the most intelligent human at chess but they neglect to remember that chess has strict rules and most real world problems don’t have clear solutions, this means that you need human intelligence rather than artificial intelligence. Advanced Robots

The Reality of Robotics Is Much Different From What You See In the Movies

There are still many things that remain to be discovered about robotics and artificial intelligence, but the fact is that current technology falls far short of what you see in movies. When it comes down to it, robots are pretty basic machines that can do nothing more than work on a production line or perform simple manual tasks.

You May Have Seen Robots On TV Or The Big Screen But Not Like This!

What you see in the movies is just Hollywood imagination, not reality. That does not mean there aren’t real life robots capable of amazing things, but most of them are being developed with the goal of saving human lives rather than taking over the world. They work as surgeons, they participate in military operations or explore outer space, but it will take a while until they become the kind of robots you see in movies.

What Does Hollywood Present As The Future Of Robotics?

Humanoid Robots are nothing more than computer animations, real humanoid robots are nowhere near what you see on TV. Most humanoids are unable to do anything that even remotely resembles walking and basically all that can be done is to push them around in a wheelchair. Humanoids used in public relations events aren’t worth much either because they’re made of plastic, their skin can barely move or all they come with is pre-recorded expressions.

Google’s Biggest Acquisition Revealed! What Is The Secret Behind Boston Dynamics And Why Did They Work SO Hard To Keep It A Secret? Advanced Robots R2D2 C3PO

The robots you see in movies are the product of Hollywood imagination and as such they have been blown out of proportion. However, artificial intelligence is a real thing and is being used for many things including cars that can drive on their own, personal computers that can speak or robots built for military use.

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As you can see, Hollywood exaggerates a lot of things when it comes to robots and this is simply because they have nothing else better to do. Even if real life robots were as advanced as the ones in movies it would be next to impossible for them to locate Will Smith on an alien planet just like in “After Earth” movie.