Top Clover Point of Sale Solutions for 2020

clover pos system

clover pos system

Clover pos system: Finding the right point of sale solution can help put your business on the path to success. Collecting payments from your customers is essential to your growth. Plus, a good POS system can do so much more such as tracking inventory, managing business reports, integrating with your accounting software and more. The Clover POS system is one of the most popular options on the market. The following are four of the best variants of Clover for 2020.

Clover Station

The Clover Station is the largest hardware option for the core Clover software. It is a perfect fit for almost any business type ranging from restaurants to boutique stores. For most businesses, the only disadvantage of the Clover Station is its footprint. So, if space is at a premium, consider one of the smaller form factors.

Otherwise, this POS has a large, user-friendly screen. It also has a customer-facing screen and many options for accepting payments. Plus, the Clover software is always easy to learn and use. You can even customize POS software to suit your business.

Clover Flex

If you like Clover but want something a little more flexible, consider the Clover Flex. It has the same software and many of the same payment processing options. However, it is in a much smaller package. In fact, it is only a little larger than a phone.

This means that it is perfect for use on a food truck or at a restaurant with table-side billing. Alternatively, it may be a good choice for a premium store in which associates can take payment with no lines. Overall, this is a fantastic POS for any business that wants to unchain payment processing from counters and get a little more flexible.

Booker Clover

Some businesses need special tools added to their Clover POS solutions. For example, if your business takes appointments, you may want to use Booker Clover. This is an appointment-based business management tool built on top of the core Clover platform. It is perfect for spas, salons and similar businesses

You can schedule appointments, let your customers book themselves online, send out promotional messages and more. It has everything you need to build a thriving appointment-based business.

Shop Controller With Clover

In a similar vein, you may consider Shop Controller. Like Booker, this is an add-on for the core Clover functionality. It is intended for auto repair businesses. It can help you with everything from managing your inventory to checking the Carfax history of customers’ vehicles.

Again, this adds to the already powerful set of tools offered by Clover. It makes running your auto repair shop a little easier. You may be surprised by how much utility you can get from simply finding the right POS system for your needs.

Learn More

Discover more about Clover and find the right point-of-sale system for your business’s unique requirements. When you have smooth workflows for your business, you can achieve more and grow your business. The Clover Station, Flex, Booker and Shop Controller are all great choices for 2020. When you find the right option for you, you’ll be glad you invested the time.

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