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Top Trending Magento Extensions to Boost E-commerce Sales in 2021

Best Magento Extensions

Best Magento Extensions

Best Magento Extensions: Magento is a leading open-source platforms that has made remarkable progress in the last few years. If you own an E-commerce, you will be aware that the default Magento setup doesn’t offer any extension. Meanwhile, Magento has several features to integrate additional components to enhance the functionality of the platform. Using a combination of best Magento extensions, you can fulfill the needs of your online store in the simplest manner.

What is the Need of Best Magento Extensions?

To save development costs and time to build a Magento store. There are multiple extensions present, you can use to enhance the functionality of the e-commerce store. Extensions speed up your work but also boost the efficiency of the website’s backend. If you want to manage sales, generate bulk orders, simplify checkout process, or apply marketing tactics, you don’t need to concern, extension is present for you.

In this blog post, list of the best Magento extensions are present to enhance e-commerce sales. All extensions mentioned here are trustworthy and compatible with the CMS platform. Moreover, these are high-quality Magento extensions accessible from popular vendors. Let’s learn how to choose the best Magento extensions for your online selling store.

Dos & Don’ts of Selecting a Magento 2 Extension

Check out the important dos and don’ts of Magento 2 extensions that are important to understand before getting installing one. The following pointers will assist you find the best Magento 2 extensions for e-commerce stores with simplicity.


  • Setup a list of features needed in the Magento 2 extensions
  • Plan a budget for Magento 2 extensions
  • Make sure that the CMS version is compatible with the Magento 2 extensions
  • Check whether the Magento 2 extensions are supported by developers


  • Avoid Magento 2 extensions not supported by developers
  • Avoid Magento 2 extensions making a big hole in your pocket
  • Avoid Magento 2 extensions that have bad reviews
  • Avoid Magento 2 extensions having functionalities available as modules
  • Avoid downloading Magento 2 extensions from unreliable sources

Criteria for Selecting Magento 2 Extensions

When installing a new extension in your Magento online selling store, how will you know if it is safe for use? Several extensions contains malware, and these can affect your e-commerce store overall performance. How to know if they are malware free and offer value to the users? We have discussed important points to make a smart selection.

1. Rating and Reviews

You can check the reviews and ratings of every extension if you want to download one from a reputed source. These sources include Magento e-commerce extension marketplace or a third-party marketplace.

2. Magento Partners

Make sure the Magento 2 extension you prefer are either from Magento certified developers or from Magento partners. If you are planning Magento 2 extensions from a third-party website, do verify if they are supported by certified Magento developers. The marketplace offers extensions from Magento technology partners.

3. Support

You must verify that the Magento 2 extension is under proper development, so that when support from the developers is required for any issue, you can enjoy it without trouble. For example, Amasty a popular extension developer offers several store improvement extensions for the users. All the extensions are available with 24/7 support.

List of Best Magento 2 Extensions for E-commerce Sales

1. Amasty

The Amasty is a One Step Checkout extension helps to optimize your ordinary checkout page. This extension not just speed up the process but also engage the customers with a visually appealing UX. Easy and fast checkout can turn daily visitors into regular patrons. The One Step Checkout extension allows customization and optimization of the checkout page design completely.

Major Features

  • Set default values for checkout fields
  • Allows editing options of products
  • Supports Amazon Pay
  • 3-month free support
  • Complete refund within 60 days
  • 100% Open-source – easy to customize

2. Sage Pay Integration

Sage Pay is a trendy and trusted Magento 2 extension for the payment work. It is quick, secure, and simple to install. It supports Magento store owners to create different subscriptions plans for every product they prefer. This gives additional flexibility and offers variety to the customers.

Major Features

  • Additional security layer for credit/debit card transactions
  • Manages direct refunds
  • Complete support for six months
  • Installation work is free
  • Different Subscription Plan

3. Owebia Advanced Shipping Extension

This extension allows user to create a unique, simple, and advanced shopping cart for your customers. Shipping can be configured in a very flexible manner using this powerful extension. The shipping page will have a perfect layout to improve the overall user experience.

This extension allows setup of all shipping options including quantity, destination, price, date, weight, categories, coupon codes, and list goes on.

Major Features

  • Manage Drop-shipping
  • Manage shipping fees discount with coupon codes
  • Add flexible and different attributes

4. AppJetty Delivery Date Scheduler

This shipping extension is quite unique in its functionality allowing buyer to select delivery date & time according to their convenience. The UI of this extension is also quite appealing. Users have liberty to select any delivery schedule format like “Timeslot View” or “Calendar View” on a checkout page.

Use this extension for an easy, on-time delivery to meet buyers’ all time expectations.

Major Features

  • Orders Tracking
  • 3 Months Free Support
  • Customers have liberty to choose delivery date and time
  • Assign proper intervals between order and delivery dates
  • Set scheduler on the shipping page
  • Customers can give comments related to product delivery

5. Amasty SEO Toolkit

Amasty SEO Toolkit helps to enhance your online selling store’s ranking by automating Meta tags templates for both products and categories. It even enrich snippets with price, stock status, and the breadcrumbs. It even create unique product links, build default cross-links, and create sitemaps for a higher ranking. Best Magento Extensions

Major Features

  • Rich Snippets
  • Redirects and Latest Pagination
  • Automatically craft Meta tags
  • Automated internal and cross-links generation
  • HTML and XML sitemaps

6. Track Order & Shipment Status Extension

Track Order & Shipment Status Extension is one of the most important functionality for customers after they purchase a stuff. This extension aids customers to track their orders smoothly and accurately. Moreover, it’s a great extension to optimize the user experience of the customers to make them stay loyal to your brand.

Major Features

  • Customers have every detail regarding their order without login.
  • The extension helps to quickly access the order status.
  • Functionality to send the order tracking link inside an email.
  • Set the order tracking widget to diverse locations.

7. Advance Matrix Rate Shipping Extension

Advanced Matrix Rate Shipping Extension offers different table rate shipping techniques to charge depending on country, city, state, Postal code, order total, product weight, items in cart, and others. It includes a fixed and percentage feature to analyze exact shipping charges.

Major Features

  • Offers customized multiple shipping options.
  • Support the shipping calculation condition as per necessity.
  • Feature to import/export with table rate.
  • Assist in downloading virtual product type.

8. Mageplaza Security Suite

Mageplaza Security Suite extension protects your Magento e-commerce store by avoiding break-in attempts from hackers. It has a checklist to store admins which can be implemented to eliminate any security threat. It mostly includes admin username, captcha, Magento version, and database security. Best Magento Extensions

Major Features

  • Login Report
  • Warning E-mail Templates
  • Blacklist/Whitelist IPs
  • Bruce-force protection
  • File change detection
  • Away mode to restrict any logins

9. Xtento Two Factor Authentication

A strong password is not the only solution present to secure your Magento-based store. It would be advised to use make use of trusted security extensions including Xtento Two Factor Authentication to optimize security.

It offers an extra layer of security by integrating a field in the login feature. In addition to the username and password, a user requires an OTP to log in. The OTP is valid for just 30 seconds. Hackers won’t be able to get inside your website until and unless they have your smartphone access.

Major Features

  • Free install service
  • Build secret key feature to optimize store security
  • Free updates and excellent support

10. Amasty Full Page Cache

Caching has a huge role in defining the speed of your e-commerce store. This extension works by automating the cache process and make it invisible to the customers. There’s also a debug feature working on the staging environment having native Magento cache. Particular IP addresses can be specified to access their cache statuses. Best Magento Extensions

Major Features

  • Prioritize all important pages first
  • Automate cache process
  • Exclude specific pages from cache
  • Auto-update cache

Wrapping Up:

No matter which of the above-mentioned extensions you prefer for your Magento e-commerce store, it’s always crucial to carry out proper research. Make sure you identify what you need for your store, and choose the extensions that will work best for customers. If this list seems important for you, we are glad to aid you with this list and is perfect platform to launch online selling website. What’s your favorite Magento extension? Tell us in the comments section below! Best Magento Extensions

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