December 2, 2023


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Important things to keep in mind while buying Travel Insurance online!

Travel Insurance online

Travel Insurance online

Travel Insurance online: Travelling is an exhilarating experience for young and old alike. Although meticulous planning is required before departing, whether you are travelling to a domestic destination or an international one, international travel requires a lot of paperwork and formalities that need to be fulfilled before finalising your plans. These include, passport, visa application, travel insurance, currency exchange, international roaming sim, to name a few.  All these are time consuming processes that require a lot of effort. But, with the advancement of technology, most of these formalities can be completed online, which saves a lot of precious time. Buying Online travel insurance Is very convenient and you can get the insurance policy in the quickest possible time.

Why is Travel insurance important?

You may have to face unforeseen circumstances or medical emergencies that throw you off-guard, especially when you are in a new country. With no friends or family available for help, travel insurance is the only help that is readily available to you. A travel insurance policy provides coverage for medical as well as non-medical emergencies during the period of insurance.

Why do people opt for Online Travel Insurance?

International travel requires a lot of paperwork and other formalities that are time-consuming. Moreover, there are hundreds of other things to be completed before you can embark on your journey. Approaching a travel agency to buy travel insurance may become difficult because of lack of time, so the best alternative is to buy a travel insurance online. If you are still reluctant to buy a travel insurance policy online, these points may clarify all your doubts and prove helpful too.

  • Do Adequate Research – Various types of policies are available online. Start by deciding your requirements. Do you need a single-trip or a multi-trip policy? If you are a frequent flyer, you can opt for a multi-trip policy. Do not trust the advertisements blindly; study all the details before finalising a policy to avoid any inconvenience later. Ensure that you are aware of what is not covered under the policy, so that you can plan accordingly. For example, some travel insurance also include compensation for burglary in your house during your trip, but others may not offer this facility.
  • Detailed Analysis – Medical expenses are exorbitantly high in foreign countries. Analyse the benefits being offered to you by the insurance company and compare it with other insurance providers and then finalise the one that suits your requirement. Some countries specify the minimum sum assured that you have to buy and people tend to opt for the minimum premium policy. It is advisable to consider the fact that maybe for a little extra premium, you get a better deal. It all depends on your choice, so analyse and compare different policies from all point of view and opt for the best deal that suits your budget.
  • Selection – Once you shortlist the best available options, scrutinize them carefully and do not hesitate to clarify all your doubts before selecting one of them. All online insurance companies provide 24×7 customer support, where executives are available to guide you through the online process besides clearing your doubts and solving your queries. Most of the travel insurance plans cover Covid 19 medical treatment too, which is the need of the hour.

What is covered under Travel insurance?

Travel insurance covers the cost of medical treatments during your tip and helps in medical evacuation if you get stranded in a remote area with no medical facility. Besides medical emergencies, other financial loss is also covered that may be incurred during any accident, trip delays or flight cancellations due to unavoidable reason. It also covers legal expenses if you get involved in some legal issue while travelling or your passport or other important documents get misplaced or stolen.

What is not covered under travel insurance?

While travel insurance covers most of the medical and financial emergencies that may arise during your trip, it does not include coverage for medical treatment if the doctor decides that it can be delayed till your return.Self-inflicted injuries that may arise due to alcoholism, suicide or cosmetic surgery is also not covered by travel insurance.

Therefore, it is again reiterated to read carefully what is covered under the policy that you are planning to buy. This ensures that you avail the maximum benefit of the policy.

It is a delightful experience to explore new destinations across the globe and no one wants their vacation to be ruined because of any reason whatsoever. From choosing your favorite destination to completing all visa formalities, you leave no stone unturned in your preparations. Overlooking a travel insurance policy may prove disastrous as no one can predict what is in store in the future. Plan a wonderful trip with your loved ones but also remain prepared for any eventuality with Care Insurance, so that you have the best time of your life.

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