December 9, 2023


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Trending digital marketing strategies that Eric Dalius finds interesting

Eric Dalius

Eric Dalius

Eric Dalius: Staying top of the latest marketing trends is the only way for small businesses to be competitive. But keeping track of the trends in an ever-changing technological and business landscape is a big challenge for small business owners that they must learn to cope with successfully, opines Eric Dalius.

The most important reason for following trends is to ensure that the marketing strategies remain relevant, or else it could be an exercise in futility. The marketing strategies must perfectly align with the current market trends that influence consumer behavior. On the other side, the constantly changing consumer behavior is leading to new trends.  Therefore, staying trendy means staying aligned with consumers that can give the best marketing results.

Here are some top digital marketing trends that every small business owner must be aware of and implement by judging their relevance for the business.

Go for user-generated content

When any brand uses customers’ comments to promote their products or services, it is a typical example of user-generated content. Using user-generated content generates enormous trust in the brand and business. The brand becomes more reliable, increases engagement, and improves conversions that positively impact the business bottom line.  First, create a brand persona that attracts more consumers who are ready to explore it from various angles when it appears authentic and credible. Then, on discovering the brand’s goodness, users come forward to spread the message in comments or views or even by mentioning the brand in their blogs.

Responsive design of a website

As mobile device users are far more than desktop users and Google has taken to mobile-first indexing, it is now mandatory to create mobile-friendly websites by using responsive web design. The same webpage appears with suitable adjustments on all kinds of devices and different screen sizes, including desktops, without affecting the visual display. Mobile-friendly websites help to expand the outreach and explore new markets without any additional efforts.


When customers feel appreciated, it is a sign of successful personalization in your marketing. Since user experience says the last word in business success, every business is trying to provide the best user experience through personalized communication with consumers, making them feel more important and bringing them closer to the brand.  Including customer names in emails is one of the most common personalization strategies when staying in touch with them by sharing newsletters, interacting with them on social media, or answering their questions.  Going ahead, by analyzing the behavior of specific customer groups, you can create customized content.

Optimize for voice assistants, says Eric Dalius

The popularity of voice assistants is growing exponentially and likely to touch 8 billion by 2023. As a result, marketers must focus on optimizing their campaigns by using the new technology that helps automate business processes, improve customer support, and helps to scale up the business.

Including some green initiatives in the marketing strategy effectively gives a unique identity to the brand that receives a warm welcome from people who are sensitive to environmental needs.

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