September 11, 2023

UCaaS or VoIP: Which one is best for your business?

ucaas Voice broadcasting service

ucaas Voice broadcasting service

Are plain old telephones no longer serving your needs? Or Fascinated by the concept of making calls over internet technology?

There is a multitude of companies that offer virtual phone systems to facilitate business communications. However, when you set out to finally upgrade your existing business phone system, you might get knocked down by the range of choices available.

Starting with UCaaS, to cloud phone systems and hosted VoIP solutions, there is plenty of it. Of these, the two most popular forms of business communication are Ooma, VoIP and UCaaS. Each of these has its own set of advantages and applications. And picking up the one that would benefit your business most would be a tough job.

Don’t worry, we will help you decide which is better for your business and how?

What is VoIP?

VoIP or the popularly known voice over internet protocol is one technology that enables business communication to take place such as phone calls over the internet. One reason why it is touted more than others is the ease of use offered at low rates. With VoIP, you will never have to buy a separate phone line as it uses internet technology and can leverage from the existing lines or numbers.

In its most generic sense, VoIP offers the facilities the same as that provided by the traditional phone lines. Business leaders can make calls, track caller ID and route it to different employees effectively. However, this is not the end.

VoIP technology has an added benefit in terms of flexibility and Customizability. Organizations can buy a small share of the resources and then scale the same, depending on the needs and requirements.

Features of VoIP

There are plenty of features rendered by VoIP technology. The most common ones include:

●       Flexibility: With VoIP phone systems organizations can work at their own pace. What this means is that employees no longer need to be at their desks to accept or make calls. VoIP gives them the ease to connect and communicate remotely.

●       The cost of setting up a VoIP is less as compared to the traditional phone lines. Also, they are leased on a monthly basis and need not pay more than the predefined fee. No matter if the call lasts for a minute or an hour, the company will always have to pay the decided amount.

●       VoIP comes with a host of other facilities. Starting with call routing, to IVR technology, automated answering, voice broadcasting service email transcripts and video conferencing, businesses can do all.

●       Communication done via internet technology is highly encrypted and prevents any leakage of information. The fact that data is transferred in the form of packets with the highest priority sent first, communication channels are free from noise, adhering to the quality of interaction.

Now that you are aware of these features and other information about virtual phone systems, you might want to know who are the best virtual phone system providers in the market. Here’s a guide which will help you in choosing the correct virtual phone number service provider for your business.  ucaas Voice broadcasting service

What is UCaaS?

UCaaS or Unified Communications as a Service is a robust tool designed to combine all communication tools under a single platform. The sole purpose behind UCaaS is to fuse all of the enterprise-grade apps, conferencing tools, chat forums, and contact centers, providing the ease of communication and interaction.

Business professionals can access this platform from across the globe at all hours of the day. What’s best about the platform is that it provides the ease to switch between devices seamlessly. Imagine that you went out for lunch and had to accept an urgent call on your mobile device. Soon, you return to your desk and now, you can switch from your mobile to the laptop screen without even disconnecting the call. ucaas Voice broadcasting service


The feature list of UCaaS is no less and offers as many facilities as needed to enhance business value.

●       Integrating with third-party tools and software is pretty easy. Whether it is the Salesforce Integration or Office 365 collaboration, the tool can do all.

●       UCaaS gives employees the flexibility to customize the platform in a way that maps their interests best. Synchronizing data from Salesforce to accessing information in real-time, organizational leaders can attain maximum productivity with UCaaS.

●       Allow you to host training, conduct one to one sessions, schedule a webinar or opt for group video conferencing. With UCaaS, your team is just one click away.

●       Instant messaging and group update feature to keep everyone in the same loop.


Now the big question being which is the best for your business? The answer to this is largely dependent on the type of business and corresponding requirements. Where UCaaS is ideal for organizations that have overseas customers and remote working employees, VoIP is best for the Telecom sector, looking for ways to improve their business phone system. For UCaaS, team productivity and collaboration is the key. Whereas VoIP is all about customizing business communication to improve the quality and cut down unwanted costs. ucaas Voice broadcasting service

Move ahead to see which one maps your business expectancy and transform the way your business operates. 

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