September 30, 2023

Valorant guide: 7 tips for beginners to get better

Valorant guide

Valorant guide

As a beginner, it is quite common to struggle at shooter games like Valorant in the initial days. But it is not time to get disheartened. As you know, practice makes one perfect; it is true in the case of Valorant as well. 

Guides like this are your true best friend if you are trying to learn better hacks of the game. In addition to such guides, you can try Valorant hacks if you feel you need some additional support. 

To ace a first-person shooter game like Valorant, you definitely need to understand how the game’s functionality works and which is the smartest way to play it. To discuss all of these, here is the article that will tell you about seven tips for beginners to get better at Valorant; hence, continue reading.  Valorant guide

Use range 

Valorant is an FPS game that requires you to know how to shoot. Not everyone is born with exceptional shooting skills, but you can definitely practice getting better at it. This is where range comes to the rescue. 

The range allows you to practice your shooting skills and improve them too. In the range map, you can test and try all the different weapons available and pick the ones you think you can handle best. Range should be the first spot for all beginners to enter the main game well prepared. 

Team communication is the key

If your team does not have a pre and well-discussed plan, you can’t expect to defeat your enemies. Communicate about game strategies, in-game movements, drop locations, and calling out enemies before you enter the battlefield. 

Be precise with names while calling out locations. Miscommunication can be the root cause of defeat. 

Choose adequate and suitable weapons

Valorant has a wide range of weapons, but not all of them are beginner-friendly. For a newbie, it is vital to choose a weapon they can handle. Weapons like Spectre and Sheriff are a couple of beginner-friendly weapons. 

The sheriff is a short handgun with a short kill time. Even if you miss to shoot at target points, the bullet will definitely injure the enemy if not kill. Spectre also provides a quick fire rate which is why it is easy for beginners to use.  Valorant guide

Don’t shoot while moving 

You are a beginner and not yet swift enough to move and shoot. You should only shoot when you are standing still, as moving and shooting require a lot of skill and practice. Any hasty action will only make you a soft target for enemies so take every step carefully. 

Play in lower sensitivity 

In the beginner phase, you are learning the game, so you want everything to take place at a stable pace. Playing in higher sensitivity will make everything faster, and you won’t be able to make out what’s happening around you. Lower sensitivity helps make slower but precise movements. 

Be as quiet as possible 

In such an aggressive game as Valorant, you need to play smart. While you are looking for your foes to kill, they too are on the hunt for you. In such scenarios, you can’t play noisily. 

Running will create more noise; therefore, walking is a safer option. Walking is a bit slower compared to running but is safe to get those enemies killed. Also, keeping a knife while you are on the mapping your way will be of great help. 

Understand gun recoil

Stick with your gun till you understand its recoil and fire rate. When you understand these two components, you can shoot faster to get kills in the game.  Valorant guide

Also, remember that the first nine bullets in the gun recoil will pull downwards, so push your mouse in the opposite direction to adjust it from the 10th bullet, the gun shifts from left to right. So, you will need mouse adjustment again. 


Here is a wrap-up of the Valorant guide for beginners. These are seven tried and tested tips that will surely help you pass the beginner phase of the game. Make sure to follow these tips once you enter the Vlorant arena. Remember, patience and stability is the key to success so avoid rushing.

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