September 30, 2023

Victrola coffee roasters review !

Victrola turntable coffee roasters

Victrola turntable coffee roasters

Victrola turntable coffee roasters: What has changed since I moved here ten years ago to do housework is coffee and kombucha on tap. There is still simple art on the walls of this very beautiful and timeless space.

cold. So who is it?

The 15th Avenue store has long been a local favorite, but these days more people are looking at laptops than books (many stores).

Like a drink

I still drink Americano with coffee.

Should I order anything to eat?

My favorite is the lavender lemon cake, but they also have an assortment of pastries, pre-made sandwiches and salads.

STAFF Did you do everything right?

They specialize in coffee and latte art is always good.

It’s no news that Seattle is famous for coffee. As the birthplace of Starbucks, the city has gained a reputation as a city of outstanding coffee culture. From the casual vanilla latte lover to the most laid back coffee critic, the incredible number of cafes can cater to everyone’s cravings.

With so many Seattle coffee shops to choose from, where do you start? I’ll go inside

I decided to visit as many coffee shops as I could in Seattle. This bi-weekly column is where I go for my thoughts, opinions and general reviews.

I also want to claim my rights in this regard: I am a barista. With my own experience in the coffee industry, I hope you find my opinion credible and verifiable, if a bit pretentious. With that said, let’s venture into the wonderful world of Seattle coffee

Coffee Stop V: Victrola Coffee Roaster

Since 2000, Victrola Coffee Roasters has sought to convey the glamor and passion of the Jazz Age. Named after a famous phonograph from the 1920s, the Victrola brings vintage style to the coffee scene. Since 2003, the cafe has been roasting its own beans to ensure the best quality coffee.

Victrola currently has four offices: two on Capitol Hill, one on Beacon Hill and one in downtown Seattle. Although Victrola has been around for more than two decades, coffee is still open to opportunity and community. Never left behind in the coffee movement, Victrola stands out as an interesting and welcoming café where you can get your daily caffeine fix. Victrola turntable coffee roasters


I decided to visit Victrola Capitol Hill Café and the Roastery on Pike Street. As the sun illuminates the blue and gold façade, the café exudes charm even before you enter. The interior is small but gives off a feeling of openness and air. High ceilings and wood beams create a comfortable yet spacious atmosphere.

I choose a bar stool near the wide windows overlooking Pike Street. I liked the atmosphere. The space is big enough to have heart-to-heart conversations with others, while maintaining the character of the rest of the cafe itself

On a bright sunny day, I appreciated the ability to bake in the sunlight streaming in through the windows. While the interior could benefit from more seating, the relaxed urban vibe is easy to enjoy.


As usual I ordered my usual cortado – with oat milk. The first thing I noticed after I got my drink was that there was glass in the house. As I mentioned in my previous reviews, drinks served in ceramic and glassware are much cleaner and generally better than drinks served in paper cups I appreciate this detail as it allows me to label the coffee more accurately (I also find labeled coffee pots quite appealing).

The latte art made with oat milk is also impressive. There are clear signs of a finished fall with a tested heart. Because of the subtle nature of plant-based milks, I’ve always considered the art of consistency to be the hallmark of a skilled barista.

After tasting, the cortado was excellent. The espresso was balanced and paired perfectly with the oat milk. I accidentally found myself drinking it quickly because of the great taste.

My only problem with the drink is the coffee grounds. It’s not that unlikely to find the reason for an espresso-based drink, but there is a significant amount. Too much sediment can cut the drink, but fortunately doesn’t change the overall quality much. Victrola turntable coffee roasters


Classic style, quality products, and the hospitable nature of the Victrola coffee roasters make this cafe a standout in the Seattle coffee scene. Aiming to capture the spirit of the 20s, this charming café is for those who love a lively atmosphere and a good cup of coffee.

A well-balanced Victrola drink can be enjoyed in a pleasant atmosphere. While coffee grounds are sometimes unavoidable, the combination of espresso and cafe foamed milk is still delicious. With the booze feature added to the house, I found my daytime Victrola adventure well spent.

My overall experience at Victrola was great, no issues with the café service. I enjoyed every moment of my trip, from people watching on Pike Street to the sun drenched window to the last sip of my cortado.

With plenty of places to choose from and the promise of delicious coffee, a caffeine stop at Victrola is a must for anyone involved in the world of coffee

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