December 7, 2023


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What are the Services Provided by Publish Drive?

Publish Drive

Publish Drive

Publish Drive: There are a lot of places around the world where you can efficiently distribute your printed books, CDs, and eBooks. When using PublishDrive, you can put all your content and cover art in one file. The software helps you put everything together, from start to finish. Using this service, you can sell your eBooks, audiobooks, and print books at more than 400 stores and in more than 100 countries. PublishDrive gives you many tools and incentives to help you market your business. Here you will get complete details of the publishdrive review

For free in-store merchandising, you can run price cuts, improve your Amazon ads, and use in-store promotions. You can also see how many copies you’ve sold and how much money you’ve made from royalties in different parts of the world from the same dashboard you use. You’ll never have to worry about not getting paid again because you’ll get royalty reports right away.

There are some excellent things about PUBLISHDRIVE, such as its services.

  • People who use this service get to keep all of the rights to the work.
  • Anyone can convert their work into an ebook at no cost to indie authors.
  • All of the significant eBook-selling websites can be found in one place.
  • Users can add a single title or a lot of titles in a few minutes.
  • Invoicing and sales are made at the same place. Global book distribution is more accessible thanks to a solid and straightforward network.
  • Automated billing and financial reporting are also part of the network’s service.
  • To use their services, there is no fee at all.
  • Enables users to see real-time stats.

For marketing, it gives you features of Ebook Metadata Management that help. By publishing drive, you can get interactive services that you can use.

You have to join this network to see the progressive part. Publishdrive official’s goal is to make sure that their customers fully understand what they are signing up for before buying from them. They’ve broken down the network’s services into five main groups to help you better understand them:

People in marketing and distribution get paid for their work and report sales. Putting together and uploading abacus Publishing’s All-In-One Ebook Conversion

Here are some things to know about each of these four things before using their products.

The process of formatting and uploading the book to the web

Adding a paperback will cost you an extra amount of money. Also, this network will accept paperbacks and CDs. The best way to get the most out of this is to learn a few things about how books are formatted and how to upload them.

  • This platform doesn’t let you convert files to PDF because it gives a bad result. 
  • The International Digital Book Forum must approve eBooks before they can be sold or read (IDBF).

A lot of ads for Amazon show up on the web.

We’ve all heard about how good Amazon is at advertising. If you sign up for the network, you can try out some Amazon Advertising credits. You won’t see Amazon ads if you use other distribution channels. For more detail, check out the publishdrive review.

Discounts and coupon codes –

  • Set prices for the shops that use this platform to put them.
  • Several copies for review.
  • Allows you to make copies of your eBook for people to review quickly.
  • On social media, there will be sales.


People who sell other things like this service because it’s so easy to use. Because they have audio channels, they’ll get your work out there very quickly, which will help you get more people to listen to it. Sales data can be looked at and from any device by the person who owns the account. This can be done by:

Distribution outside of the United States

To sell books all over the world, use this site. Thanks to the network, crossing borders are also possible, but it’s not easy. It’s also possible to make your rules and prices different for different places.

Wide and long

This service makes it easy to find your books in many different book stores. You can also find a detailed list of book sellers and information about royalty rates on their website.

Paying for PublishDrive is affected by several factors

  • PayPal, Check, Payoneer, and Intercash are just a few of the ways you can pay for things on PublishDrive’s website shop.
  • Payouts start at $5, but you can choose to start at a different amount.


There’s no charge to sign up for a PublishDrive account. People can use their name, email, and password to sign in. It’s in your author dashboard. You can use it for free. This means that the fort will be changed from.docx to .epub and .mobi. Then, they’ll also give you access to the distribution service used by the PD author community.

It’s possible to use the free ebook converter to change your DOCX file into an EPUB or MOBI file.

To print, go to the drive ABACUS.

If you use PublishDrive, you won’t find the PD Abacus in any other service. You can use this tool to keep track of payments, exchange data, and figure out royalties. If you want to keep working together, you’ll have to pay $2.99 for each title each month.

There is an automatic calculation of royalties.

This new feature can now calculate co-author royalties for Amazon KDP novels. Making money can also help you not have a problem paying.


PublishDrive, like any other service, has good things about it. However, the benefits seem to outweigh the drawbacks, at least in this case. There is no doubt that this company is trustworthy and responsive to its customers’ needs. This service is not for people who want to print their books in hardcover or paperback and give them to friends and family. Because there is no upfront cost, this is a good option for people who want to write eBooks.

For more updates, check out the publishdrive review.