December 3, 2023


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What do you know about the 150W UFO LED High Bay light?

50w led high bay light

50w led high bay light

50w led high bay light: LED lights at the basic source of light, specifically in garages, markets, vast places, etc. These lights contain sensors in the form of photocells that are made to control the turn on and off of the LED lights. It works automatically from dusk to dawn as it slides and operates 150W UFO LED high bay light accordingly.

The 150W UFO LED High Bay light has the quality that it can bear the impact of almost 1.7kg steel ball which is falling from the height of 11 inches. These are the best choice for the parking lot lights because of their IP65 rating in the market. If you want to order a 150W UFO LED High Bay light then you must read the given article. 150W UFO LED High Bay light is easily available at at better quality and low rates.

Lepro LED lights

Lepro 150W UFO LED High Bay lights are designed in such a manner that they are effective for all outdoor stations. uses special aluminum on the shoebox of light that prevents the impact of the outdoor environment on the light. Aluminum shoeboxes also help in the dissipation of heat effectively and keep the 150W UFO LED High Bay light at minimum temperature.

It also has waterproof quality as IP65 and protects the inner wiring to almost 10kV. It always ensures that the LED light would work in a long-term manner in all weather conditions. You can have a better understanding of different lights and their features if you visit the official website of


Different types of LED lights have different specifications which make them different from other LED lights. If you talk about 150W UFO LED High Bay light then it has its specifications. The specifications which are present in the 150W UFO LED High Bay lights present on are discussed below:

Certification: has 150W UFO LED High Bay lights with UL safety standards. It also contains the qualification certificate which passes the tests of reliability, rigorous test, guarantee safe and the illumination for a long-lasting time. The customer also gains 5 years of warranty and a spot on the technical team with professionals.


It contains a direct mount in its complete set. The direct mount helps in the easy installation of 150W UFO LED High Bay Lights. You can effortlessly install all LED lights on different poles no matter if they are square or round. This light supports easy installation to facilitate the user at height.

Water resistance:

150W LED High Bay light has passed the vibration test which was conducted by It ensures the stability of the lights. It has good protection against water, voltage spikes, and ingress. This enhances its work in rain, sandstorms, snowstorms, and moisture.

Light management:

It contains photocell sensors that automatically detect light. It works automatically as in the absence of light it will turn on and after detecting sunlight it will turn off. If a person wants to use 150W UFO LED High Bay light manually then you can also remove the photocell sensor.

Budget-friendly provides immunity to the wiring of the light because of its usage in parking lots and open environments. Parking lot lights can achieve 10KV which is quite higher than the requirement which is 2KV. It has a lifespan of 82.2 years with a working power of 8 hours per day.


A person may witness some of the most important and interesting features of 150W UFO LED High Bay lights present at

  • It works in such a way that you can adjust the brightness of the light according to your desire. The shoebox of the light can be adjusted according to your need within the range of 1-10V. It has a dimmer switch which can be used for decreasing the intensity of light.
  • provides 150W UFO LED High Bay lights which are perfect for installation in the streets. It has a shoebox light which is a Type III light distribution as it is considered a perfect choice for the parking lot lights.


LED lights are used at stadiums, parks, basketball courts, roads, playgrounds, parking lots, campuses, etc. These lights are the best way of eliminating space. If you want to have the best quality 150W LED high Bay lights then the best option on the internet is

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