September 30, 2023

What is a Reload button where to find it ? Types of Reload

Reload button

Reload button

Reload definition
The Reload button, It works when the information displayed on the web page is updated, The page that displays again to receive the content update is called Reload . It can also be executed by pressing the “F5” function key, also called the Reload button.

Where can you find the reload button?

In Google Chrome, “Reload this page” is displayed, but it has the same function as “Refresh”.
In both cases, we can use the “F5” function key or the Reload button or [Ctrl] + [R]. For keyboards with function keys, the “F5” key, which can be operated by one key, is more convenient.

Do you know – Google Chrome has three “Reload” types?

Many people use Google Chrome to browse websites on their computers and smartphones.
Google-related services have evolved and provide useful features every day. If you feel uncomfortable, you may have lost features or services.

Whether you use Google regularly or an unknown person, you cannot do without it.
I want to present some tips that you can get if you are familiar with “Google Chrome” and the services provided by Google.
Reloading a web page can be a common operation when the web page is not easily displayed or when you want to update the SNS history.
By the way, do you know that Chrome has three refills? 1.Normal reload, 2.Complete reload, 3.Clear cache and complete reload. The recharging power is different in order.

Normal reload may not update the image

The “normal reload” is the so-called reload by clicking the Reload button on the toolbar. As it is often used, it is convenient to find the shortcut for the [Ctrl] + [R] key or the Reload button [F5]. However, with this method, the updated images may remain old.

Difficult reload that can update images

“Reload Hard” dumps and reloads the referenced image and CSS files directly from the displayed web page. Caching is a mechanism for temporarily storing information on web pages displayed in the past and results in faster viewing.

However, it can be awkward if you want to display the latest information. You may want to try it when the web page display is not working, or the image is out of date, or the PDF file to be uploaded to the cloud is out of date.

Some people may use it to clear the cache for web development. But it is difficult to access the settings screen one by one. The shortcut key is [Ctrl] + [Shift] + [R] or the Reload button which is [Shift] + [F5].

Clear the cache and reload it for more detailed updates.The third “Clear cache and reload hard” launches and reloads the secondary cache in addition to “reload hard”. For example, you can update the cache of dynamically readable JavaScript files on the displayed web page.

If you are a general user, you can consider it as a last resort when you want to reread anyway, because the behavior of the web application is strange.

There is no shortcut key. Press the [F12] key to call up [Developer Tools], right-click the [Reload this page] button on the toolbar, or press and hold to select a function from the menu that appears.

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