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What is causing the ‘Audio renderer error’

Audio renderer error

Audio renderer error

Audio renderer error: Several Windows users report having noticed “Audio playback error. Restart your computer. Whenever you try to play a Youtube video. The problem is not specific to a particular version of Windows and is reported to occur with a number of different web browsers, including Chrome, Opera, Edge, and Mozilla Firefox. Other affected users report that for them the issue also occurs when listening to iTunes or using the built-in audio player.

What causes the “Audio playback error. YouTube error?

audio renderer error

We investigated this particular issue by examining various user reports and the steps they took to avoid or resolve the issue entirely. From what I have collected, there are several different scenarios that are known to trigger this particular error message:

Audio driver issue – seems to be a recurring bug on some motherboard models. Affected users have found various solutions that temporarily resolve the problem, such as disconnecting> connecting headphones, restarting the computer, or temporarily disabling the audio driver.
Conflict between Windows sound drivers and ASIO driver: This issue is confirmed to occur in those situations where users use both the Windows sound driver and ASIO driver with different sound format frequencies. In this case, the solution is to synchronize the two frequencies.
Incorrect BIOS version – On Dell computers, the problem is largely fixed by a faulty software update. Because Dell has resolved the error, updating the BIOS to the latest version should completely resolve the issue.

Method 1: unplug / plug in headphones

As stupid as this method may sound, many affected users reported that the issue was resolved after unplugging the headphones and plugging them back in.

So if you have this problem when trying to play a video on YouTube, just unplug the headphone cable if you have a pair connected.

Note: Please note that this solution is probably only a temporary solution. Unless otherwise stated, “Audio playback error. Restart your computer. “The error will come back eventually.

If this method is not applicable or you are looking for a more sustainable solution, go to the next method below.

Method 2: restart the computer

audio renderer error

As the error message suggests, restarting your computer may also resolve the “Audio playback error. Restart your computer. “error. However, most affected users report that this method (similar to Method 1) is only temporary. Some users experiencing this issue have reported that they can only get 20-30 seconds of audio playback before it returns the error message.

Therefore, if you encounter this problem and Method 1 was not applicable, restart your computer and see if this workaround helps you. If the error message comes back or you are looking for a permanent solution, go to Method 3.

Method 3: run the audio debugging tool

Another possible solution that can help you avoid the audio playback error. Restart your computer. The error is running the built-in audio debugging tool. This is a build in utility feature which is essentially contains a collection of repair strategies that would address many common audio problems. If the error is caused by a common problem that Microsoft is aware of, running the audio troubleshooter should resolve the problem completely.

Below Steps will help to run the audio troubleshooter:

Open a Run dialog box by clicking windows button + R . Then Search for “ms-settings: troubleshoot” and press Enter to open the Troubleshooting tab of the Settings app.

Open the Troubleshooting tab of the Settings app via a Run box
On the Troubleshooting tab, scroll down to Startup and Operation and click Play Audio. Then click Run the troubleshooting tool to open the utility.

Running the audio debugging tool
Wait until the initial investigation phase is complete. Then select the device you are experiencing with “Audio Playback Error. Restart your computer.” Error and hit Next.
Choose the audio device you are experiencing
Wait until the utility scans your audio device for problems. Any problem is found repair strategy will be recommended. Follow the instructions on the screen (click “Yes, apply the solution” or “Yes, open the menu *”) and follow the recommendations.

Following the audio repair instructions
Restart the computer and see if the error stops when the next boot completes.
If you still experience “Audio Playback Error. Restart your computer. ”Error, go to next method below.

Method 4: disable and reactivate the audio driver

Some affected users reported that they were able to resolve the issue without restarting the computer or running the troubleshooting tool. As a result, you may be able to resolve the problem by disabling each audio adapter in device manager and reactivating them after a few seconds.

For many of the most affected users, this approach is the starting method when it comes to resolving the audio playback error. Restart your computer. “error. Here’s a quick guide to disabling and re-enabling the audio driver:

PROFESSIONAL TIP: If the problem is related to your computer or laptop / notebook, you should try using Restoro Repair, which can scan the repositories and replace the damaged and missing files. This works in most cases where the problem is caused by a system corruption. You can download Restoro by clicking here

Open a Run dialog box by selecting Windows Key + R. Start typing devmgmt.msc and Click Enter .

Run the dialog with : devmgmt.msc

In Device Manager, expand the menu for sound, video and game controllers. Then continue disabling each audio adapter there by right-clicking and choosing Disable Device.

Disable each audio device

After all audio adapters for your sound, video and game devices have been turned off, wait a few seconds before reactivate them by right-clicking and selecting Activate Device.

Reactivate audio adapters

Repeat the action you previously activated Audio playback error. then Restart computer. see if the problem is resolved.
If you continue to experience the problem or find that the problem persists after a while, continue with the next method below.

Method 5: Return / Uninstall the Audio Driver

Audio renderer error: Another possible solution for the audio playback error. Restart your computer. The error is going back to the audio controller. Going back to an older audio version will resolve the issue if it was previously caused by a software bug. Uninstalling the audio driver will also force Windows to reinstall the audio driver, which will clear the error if it is some corrupt files.

Here is a quick guide to return the audio driver:

Open a Run dialog box. type “devmgmt.msc” & click Enter .

Launching Device Manager via Run Dialog
Expand the Sound, video, and game controllers drop-down menu and double-click the audio adapter.

Access the Device Manager list of the audio adapter
Within the properties of the audio adapter, go to the Driver tab and click Revert Driver, click Uninstall device. If this action is not available

Return or uninstall the driver

audio renderer error

Audio renderer error : Restart the computer. In Case if you want to uninstall the audio driver Completely, Windows will automatically reinstall the latest available version of your audio adapter. After startup is complete, repeat the action that previously caused “Audio playback error. Restart your computer. ”Error and see if the problem is resolved.
Method 6: set the same sample rate for the Windows sound driver and the ASIO driver
If you encounter this error only while Cubase is open, you may have a conflict between your Windows sound system and the ASIO driver settings. If this scenario applies to your current situation, you may be able to resolve the problem by making sure that both your Windows sound driver and ASIO driver are using the same sample rate (for example, 44.1k vs. 48k).

Here is a quick guide on how to do this:

Open a Run dialog box. Then start typing “mmsys.cpl” and click Enter to open the Sound Settings menu.

Open the Sound menu with a Run command

In the Sound menu, go to the Playback tab, select the audio device you are experiencing the problem with, and click Configure.

Access the properties menu of the audio device that triggers the error
On the Properties screen of your audio device, go to the Advanced tab and change the default format to 16-bit, 44100 (or another standard format you want to use). Then click Apply to save the current settings.

Change the default format

Then open the ASIO driver settings and go to the Audio tab. Once there, change the sample rate of the audio format that you previously set in step 3.

Change ASIO driver settings
Restart the computer and see if the conflict is resolved.
in case if you still experience the same audio playback error. Restart your computer & next method follows below.

Method 7: update the BIOS (confirmed only on Dell computers)

Some users experiencing the problem on DELL computers have reported that the problem has been resolved once they have updated their BIOS firmware. This procedure can also be applied to other manufacturers, but we were only able to confirm the solution on Dell PCs. Audio renderer error

Note: If you can resolve the error using this method in a different configuration, please let us know in the comment section below.


Please note that the BIOS firmware update process can be harmful to your computer if you do not follow the instructions in that letter. If you decide to continue with this, you will have to do so at your own risk.

The BIOS interfaces, as well as the exact steps to update the BIOS on a DELL computer, will vary from configuration to configuration. To avoid confusion, please read Dell BIOS update support page (here) to understand the procedure.

Audio renderer error : Once you are familiar with the process, follow the specific instructions (here) to create BIOS installation media and update the BIOS to the latest version.

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