What is the best SEO Roadmap for a new site?

levidia seo for new site

levidia seo for new site

No magic trick or silver bullet will help your website rank higher in the SERPs. However, if you want to succeed with your SEO strategy, especially for a new site, you should have a perfect combination of all the crucial SEO elements that matter to the search engine.

A detailed SEO roadmap includes the necessary action steps that you can execute consistently to achieve your KPI metrics. There are many strategies for building a perfect SEO roadmap. Instead, depending on your business goals, the plan can be tweaked and optimized to pave the way to get higher search engine rankings and drive quality organic traffic to your website.

Your SEO strategy should also incorporate steps to deal with Google’s algorithm updates. Rather than just focusing on fulfilling the current algorithm, it is better to have a long-term plan to future-proof your ranking and traffic.

This article will guide you through all the tips you should follow when creating an SEO plan template.  

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What is an SEO Roadmap?

It is a strategic plan of action to formalize different aspects of your SEO strategy and track critical tasks within your SEO campaign. Rather than spending time implementing some random stuff, this plan highlights the effective on-page optimization techniques, technical SEO, task timelines, and quality link-building strategy that improves your website’s authority in your niche.

According to industry estimates, an effective SEO strategy has an average close rate of 14.6% compared to traditional marketing’s close rate of 1.7%. But, to achieve those numbers, you need a powerful blueprint that helps the team to achieve the desired results. 

How to build a roadmap for a new site? 

You can follow the structure outlined below to create your SEO roadmap. This structure ensures every aspect of your plan is covered from start to finish.

  • Discovery Phase

Do you want to attract more traffic to your website? Or do you want to rank higher in local searches to drive business growth? What is the goal that you want to achieve?

Knowing your business goals and then crafting the strategy that helps you achieve your overarching metrics is essential. Setting clear goals in the first phase of the SEO roadmap provides a direction for the campaign objective.

This phase also involves studying your competitors and their organic traffic. It gives you an idea of what they are doing and where you currently stand in the market.

You should also include insights into how your business is filling the gaps in the market. This helps you spot opportunities in the market that you can target in your SEO plan.

Another vital part of this phase is to identify your target audience. Which potential customers do you want to attract to your website? It could be based on geography, demographics, or psychographics.

  • Data Research Phase

This phase focuses on gathering data from different analytical tools to conclude targeting the correct keywords that drive quality organic traffic to your website. Of course, you’re not just looking for any traffic but visitors with a higher potential of getting converted into customers.

Investing a good amount of time in researching and developing a set of solid target keywords your target audience is searching for is vital. This ensures that your budget isn’t wasted on targeting irrelevant search queries. You can utilize paid as well as free tools to do keyword research.

After you’ve developed the set of keywords, it’s time to start thinking about the content you will create around those keywords. This is an integral part of your roadmap because creating content that doesn’t align with your audience wastes your time and resources. Research your competitor’s content ideas and stay updated with the latest trending topics.

In addition, develop three or four SEO tactics like local SEO, mobile-friendly optimizations, and user experience optimizations.

  • Creative Phase

This phase deals with the execution steps of the plan. You can produce content for different funnel stages according to your conversion goal. You can also monitor the content that engages the reader with your site. This helps you to create more valuable material for your audience.

You can consider your entire content and allocate specific tasks to your team member with specific deadlines. For example, if you are creating SEO content, specify who will write, edit, publish, and market the content and assign different team members to optimize the site. Establishing a timeline for your SEO roadmap is very critical.

  • Optimization Phase

In this phase, you identify and scale what is working from your strategies. Consistent Off-page SEO optimization, regular website audits, optimizing the structure of your content on different mediums, and good quality link building are the key activities of this phase.

Include a schedule in your roadmap to track your site’s performance. Reiterate and consistently optimize your organic search results to make your SEO strategy successful.

Benefits of creating an effective SEO Roadmap

It is always better to have a detailed plan laid out before you begin implementing the action steps. A few benefits of having an organized SEO plan template are outlined below:

  • It helps you and your team to stay organized and on track.
  • Build a strong foundation for long-term growth.
  • Third, establish yourself in the marketplace and attract high-quality traffic to your site.


There are multiple aspects to building a strong SEO roadmap for your new website. Including the four phases above will help you and your team develop a suitable SEO planning template while being focused throughout the project and achieving your SEO goals.

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