December 3, 2023


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Which Are The Best SEO Tools For A Beginner?

Free Best SEO Tools For A Beginner

Free Best SEO Tools For A Beginner

Free Best SEO Tools For A Beginner: If you are an SEO specialist, then you should know that there are many SEO tools and no single SEO tool can do everything by itself. But if you are a beginner then you have a lot of free SEO tools that are available that you can use.

Being a beginner in SEO, you do not require to buy expensive and costly SEO tools. Learning from these free tools you can gradually move towards more advanced applications. These free SEO tools will surely help you a lot and absolutely get your job done.

Few Of The Best SEO Tools

There are many SEO tools out there, but among them here are a few that are listed below.

1.     Google Search Console

This is a type of free analytic console from Google, also known as Webmaster Tools. It is a  must-have SEO tool that you should use. This GSC tools provide you with important insights into your own site and they also give you messages about the health of your site, which is directly from Google.

If you connect Google Search Console with Google Analytics, then you can get the most data you can get out of this free site.

2.     PageSpeed Insights

This SEO tool helps you in testing your load time and the Core web vitals of your Google’s PageSpeed Insights. Here you can run tests and hence the developer can judge your score immediately.

This is a very important SEO tool that you should have in your stock and you should know how to operate it properly.

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3.     Screaming Frog SEO Spider

This SEO tool is an important web crawler that is used to analyze the structure of your website. This is a PC-based web crawler, which is not a very beginner-friendly tool, it is mostly used by highly experienced and professional SEO experts and also web developers.

But beginners can also use this tool to learn a lot more. This is usually a very popular SEO tool for SEO experts. This tool is not free, a yearly subscription is to be paid. This is a tool for web managers and web developers. To use this tool, you need to have an understanding of SEO and a highly firm grasp of HTML, if you want to use this tool to its fullest.

This SEO tool is both available on PC and even Mac.

4.     ProRank Tracker Rank Tracker Software

ProRank Tracker is a very simple and easy to use and a very accurate cloud-based checker of your website rank. The Pro Rank Tracker is a very popular SEO tool by experts and web developers.

This SEO tool is used to do some third-party analyze your page rank, it is used to rank individual keywords, which helps you to have a true idea about how your page is performing on Google.

5.     SEMrush

SEMrush is known to be the favorite SEO tool by many SEO experts and web developers. It is known to be a Sit Auditor, Keyword Research, and also Competitor Analysis Tool.

SEMrush is a type of keyword research tool, that is used for advanced keyword research, competition analysis, and site analysis as well,  but there are many more uses of SEMrush, such as,

  • Research keyword popularity
  • Research relatable keywords, phrases, and terms, which you might use.
  • Lists top-ranking sites

6.     Redirect Path

Redirect path for Chrome is very highly recommended as an on-page tool and a valuable little plugin. This SEO tool is incredible to use for page migrations and a site clean-up. This tool is used to check the number of chains that are used to redirect a page. 

7.     Answer The Public

Answer the public is one of the most simple and free keyword research SEO tools that help you create content around a specific topic.

This is a popular research tool that looks around to answer questions that are about the topic you might be writing about. But you should always write topics with a high rank on Google for competitive terms.

8.      Google Analytics

Google Analytics is not always the go-to SEO tool for professional web developers or SEO experts, but it is a very beginner level free SEOtool, that has a simple interface and is very to handle even for someone who has no idea about SEO at all. 

9.     Clicky Web Analytics

If you are a user of Google Analytics then you would find that Clicky Web Analytics is much easier and effortless. It is easier to find and check different data regarding your page and keyword.

The control panel of Clicky is simpler and much more intuitive than Google Analytics. For the following things, Clicky is a brilliant tool to have,

  • You can see everyone visiting your site each moment
  • See where the traffic is coming from and track the outbound audience as well
  • You can see the incoming links
  • Know the more precise bounce rate of your page

Clicky is a free web analytic, but it doesn’t show more than 3,000-page impressions each day.  You can also try Clicky out for yourself as well.

10.  Majestic

If you have more complicated backlinks then, Majestic is the SEO tool for you. This is a complicated link analysis,

  • It is used to see the competitors who are really spamming and getting away with it.
  • Get ideas for posts from client sites. 
  • To identify when a website pushes from traffic through link building


It is very important to know that all these SEO tools are highly efficient in their own way, so  to know each and every one of them individually, it is better to try them out yourself.