Why Phonegap Is Being Used by Developers to Build Apps?

gap web

gap web

gap web: To achieve sustainable growth for your business, you have decided to build an app for it. But that process is neither simple nor avoidable. So, you need a reliable solution like PhoneGap mobile app development for your business development process.”

Mobile app development is the developers’ task

  • Because an app is for different platforms like Android, iOS, Windows, etc.
  • It is built using other programming languages to run on different platforms and to perform different functions.
  • It has a lot of third-party apps and device integrations also.

So, it doesn’t seem to be an easy and simple task, even for developers. They have to build an app using the latest and relevant technology and within a defined period. And after publishing the app, it needs to perform with expected results also. To make this process effective and easy for developers, there are many app development solutions available worldwide. PhoneGap mobile app development is a top name among those platforms. gap web

So, in the following texts, we will learn about,

  1. What is PhoneGap?
  2. How does it work?
  3. What are the benefits of it, and why millions of developers use it?

 What is PhoneGap?

Adobe owns PhoneGap mobile app development. It is an app development technology to build a cross-platform mobile app. It has been hugely used by app developers across the world and is still a relevant technology. It uses HTML, CSS, and Javascript for app development. gap web

 How does it Work 

  • HTML, CSS, and Javascript create the PhoneGap app user interface. And the web view is the same as the native web view. For iOS, it is Objective-C, and for Android, it is Android.WebKit web view.
  • The objective of gaining native OS functionalities is achieved by providing APIs using Javascript.
  • Though the app is built using a single code base, the final output is a PhoneGap app that runs on native platforms. 
  • PhoneGap has all the plugins to support the device functionalities as accelerometer, camera, files, media, and network. gap web

Why PhoneGap is used Widely 

  • Rapid Development – With all the necessary software and tools available in a single package, PhoneGap enables developers to build an app rapidly. In general, developing a cross-platform app is a very difficult and time-consuming process. But with PhoneGap’s multi-platform compatibility, you can do that by a single code base.
  • Cross-Platform Compatibility – To reach out to a wider user base, you have to build an app for multiple platforms for multiple users. That is where the PhoneGap mobile app development comes into the picture. Be it the Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows, and many other platforms, PhoneGap is a reliable framework to develop the app. Nothing can be more satisfying than having the liberty to create a great experience for all the users across multiple platforms using a single tool. The more are the users for your app, the better is your business.
  • Native Functionalities – An impressive app has all the functionalities of the native apps. PhoneGap provides access to all the native APIs of a device, and your app performs all the functions, great! You develop an app with simple languages like HTML, CSS and Javascript, but it has access to all the native APIs like camera, accelerometer, file system, media, network connectivity, etc.
  • Open Source – The PhoneGap mobile app development is a free and open-source platform. It has access to thousands of developers, creating a wide community of developers. So, you have the best technical support available whenever it is required. This is essential for your business, as you and your customers will need some support at different stages. So, the PhoneGap provides a very effective solution regarding technical support.
  • Strong Backend System – A robust backend system to speed up the development process. The PhoneGap is different in terms of backend technology and works with any application server using the standard web protocols.
  • No Extra Developers Required – Well, developing the app with a single code base and simple languages needs less effort and fewer developers. Eventually, it will be cost-effective also.
  • Highly Improved UI – With many UI libraries present in it, the PhoneGap creates the best user interface for any mobile device. In an interactive and successful mobile app, UI is one of the most important elements, and it is taken care of with greater ability.

What are the Ideal Situations Where You Should Use the Phonegap

PhoneGap uses a single code base for app development. And you have seen many benefits of using this technology. But when should you use this technology for your app development?

  • If you want to build a simple app with native features but don’t want to go for native development.
  • You have a limited budget allotted to app development, and then the PhoneGap is a blessing in disguise. PhoneGap is free and uses simple languages like HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

A Brilliant Case-Study 

When you know about a real-world experience, then only you realize the real significance of technology. We have discussed everything about PhoneGap technology. Its features, framework, and benefits. But, is there any real-world example of an app built with this technology? There are many, but I will mention the only one which will be sufficient to convince you.

 Wikipedia Mobile App – The official Wikipedia mobile app is developed with the PhoneGap technology for Android, iOS and Blackberry platforms. As you know that Wikipedia is the largest online encyclopedia, which has more than 20 million articles in hundreds of languages. This app has features such as:

  • Save for offline read
  • Search articles
  • Share the articles
  • Read articles in multiple languages

It is quite obvious that why did they choose PhoneGap for the Wikipedia app. To make an app for multiple users on multiple devices using multiple languages. And that is what the PhoneGap technology does the best.


So, we have gone through every bit and piece of the PhoneGap mobile app development. Whether you want to choose it or not depends upon your business requirements. After all, your main goal is to earn more money from your business. And the PhoneGap lets you make more with its easy to use, flexible, cost-effective, and cross-platform technology. Just get on with it.

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