3 Most Common Reasons For Gmail App Crashing

gmail app crashing

gmail app crashing

Gmail app crashing: Are you one of the victims of a Gmail app crashing? If you are, then you should not take it too lightly as it could be the only solution to your problem. This article will guide you on how to fix an app that just crashes. If you do not know what this is, then let me explain.

Reasons Why My Gmail Keep Crashing

Sometimes, Gmail apps crash due to wrong or outdated settings. A wrong update could also be the cause for why your Gmail app keeps crashing. On such occasions, the simplest solution that you could try is to simply uninstall the Gmail app from your device and reinstall it. However, the best thing about such a method is that neither you nor Gmail would lose any important data or information. You would, however, be required to have the latest version of Google’s mobile operating system to be able to install the new version of Gmail.

Another reason why Gmail app keeps crashing is due to a missing or incorrect restart. This happens when you attempt to restart the device without giving it sufficient time for the changes to take effect. This means that whenever you want to use your Gmail account like adding new mail, deleting mail, or changing your settings, it may fail to appear or may show some messages stating that Gmail is not connected. You can thus easily conclude that your Gmail account is not accessible because of some reasons. You can easily solve this issue by simply rebooting the device or by manually restarting it.

The other problem which causes Gmail apps to crash is due to devise storage issues. This occurs whenever Google releases new versions of its apps on the Google Play Store. These versions are based on the latest versions of the Android system. Whenever Google wants to make their apps compatible with different versions of the Android operating system, they update them accordingly. This, therefore, means that in case you are using the Google account on an older or a new device storage model, then you would not be able to use the latest Google features which are available in the latest versions of the Google play app versions.

Here is Solutions to Fix “Gmail App keeps Crashing” Problem

Step 1:

To fix Gmail app crashes, you need to first understand the common reasons which cause this problem to appear. First and foremost, you should ensure that your device has enough space to download the new version of the Gmail app from the Google play store. This would include all the files, folders, settings, options and websites which are used by the Gmail service. You should also look into the various cache and storage options that are available on your android device. If you do not have these options installed and available on your device, then it would be extremely difficult for you to successfully fix Gmail server crashing issues.

Step 2:

Secondly, you should ensure that your device has enough memory to run the Gmail service smoothly. The Google Play app, on the other hand, can run smoothly only if there is adequate memory to run the various features like the inbox, compose and search facilities. You should look into the memory options that are available with your android device and ensure that they are optimized properly. The memory of your device is generally fixed and cannot be changed. However, with the increasing usage of the Gmail service on your android device, it would definitely help to optimize the memory to ensure that the Gmail app crashes and the problem does not appear.

Step 3:

The third most common reason for the Gmail app crashing is the random bugs introduced by the developers. Since the apps are meant for personal use, they may sometimes introduce some bugs which are critical and can only be fixed with the help of experts. If you have any such bugs in your device, it would be a good idea to download the official Google apps from the Google play store and use them to keep your device secure. However, if your device does not support the play apps, you should use the apps from third-party developers who provide the official apps on other devices. Even though this may cause inconvenience to you at first, you will definitely be glad after you see the difference it makes to your device.

Another reason for the Gmail app crashing is related to the use of third-party tools which are available on the Android Market. There are several apps that you can download for free on the Play Store but they might not work properly with your Gmail account. This is especially true in the case of those apps which have been modified by third-party developers. To ensure that all these problems are sorted out, you should make sure that your device has the latest secure version of the Android operating system installed. This will ensure that the Gmail app and all the other apps work properly on your android device.

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