December 7, 2023


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6 Tips For Managing Your Cloud Marketplace Listings

Managing Cloud Marketplace Listings

Managing Cloud Marketplace Listings

Managing Cloud Marketplace Listings: If you’re selling software to businesses, you’re probably listing the software in cloud marketplaces like AWS Marketplace and other third-party marketplaces.

While being listed in multiple marketplaces is great, it’s important to manage your marketplace listings to ensure the information is accurate and up-to-date.

Here are some tips for managing your cloud marketplace listings.

Use the platform’s search function to find your listings

A lot of cloud marketplaces like AWS Marketplace will let you search for your listings by vendor name.

If you keep track of your brand name, this will be easy; otherwise, it can take some time to find all of your listings.

Update all of your listing titles, descriptions, and images

When you update one item, be sure to check for changes in other listings, too.

For instance, you may be updating your product’s title and description to reflect an upcoming new release.

Make sure that this information is accurate across your entire listing catalog on the marketplace.

Here are some tips for creating listing descriptions that result in sales:

●                Sell your software by providing a clear and concise value proposition and use case

●                List specific features and benefits

●                Include screenshots, videos, and other visuals that make the purchase decision easy for customers

●                Always provide contact information at the top of your listing to give people an added reason to reach out to you directly

Delete any listings that are no longer relevant or needed

Do a little housekeeping now and then to remove old listings that you aren’t currently offering.

That way, you won’t have to worry about the items showing up as new listings when they become available again in the future.

Check for duplicate listings

Make sure your software or service is listed only once on each marketplace.

Duplicate listings can cause confusion and lead to a customer ordering an item that is no longer in stock.

You don’t want a product ordered by mistake to turn into a chargeback or refund.

Add new items to existing listings where appropriate

If you’re selling software on AWS Marketplace, for example, you can add new products and services easily to existing listings so long as they’re associated with your account.

This is an easy way to keep all of your listings up-to-date and relevant.

Hire an AWS marketplace management service

If you want to make sure that no listing slips through the cracks, or if you need help managing your software’s third-party marketplaces, it might be time to hire someone to do AWS marketplace management for you.

By taking this task off your hands, you can focus on what matters to you: selling your software.

Your cloud marketplace listings will be in good hands, and up-to-date at all times.

If there’s a new release of the software, for example, your listings will be ready to go live right away without missing a beat.


Cloud marketplaces like AWS Marketplace make software distribution easy.

Make sure all of your listings are up-to-date and accurate and make it fast and easy to add new items whenever necessary.

Hire someone to do third-party marketplace management (AWS/Azure/etc) for you if you don’t want this on your to-do list.

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