December 2, 2023


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7 Basic yet Essential Tips for Guaranteed Success in the Ecommerce Industry

ecommerce success

ecommerce success

ecommerce success: The eCommerce industry has grown manifold after the COVID-19 pandemic struck. As a result, essential elements of the e-commerce industry such as online brand identity, price, and social media presence started making more sense than ever.

But, the key challenge of competition also grew along with everything else. Businesses today are worried about how to beat the Big 5 and fetch customers out of their grasp.

81% of customers visit online sites before making a purchase. Your task is to convert them into your customers rather than just being an information provider. 

So, how will you do that?

Well, here are seven tips that will help you enhance your eCommerce store:

Keep the process simple

The process from “Add to cart” to “Proceed for checkout” should be a cakewalk for your visitors. 

It should not baffle them. You can implement the three-click rule here. In other words, a customer should reach the checkout page within three clicks from the product page. 

Moreover, keep the color selection as simple as possible. It would help if you even allowed a visitor to choose their colors even in the cart itself.   ecommerce success

So, keep the process smooth. 

Maintain User-friendliness

When a user visits your home page, they should be encouraged to check it out. 

Yes, at times, users will be in a hurry to buy stuff for which you can modify your search bar in a way that after typing the first word, the search bar should display all possible products that match it. 

In this way, the user won’t have to waste their time writing the full name and will proceed to checkout within seconds.

Moreover, display all categories and latest trends on your home page so that users can avail products at discounted rates. 

Install a security protocol

A security protocol such as an SSL or Secured Socket Layer certificate will protect your customer’s data and keep hackers away from the transactions. 

Today, an SSL certificate is a mandatory requirement. However, if you want to top Google’s search rankings, you need to invest in the right kind of SSL cert for your website.  ecommerce success

SSL certificates encrypt the data that gets transferred from one browser to another server. This eliminates the fear of data interception by MITM attacks.

The certificate also helps comply with payment card industry or PCI/DSS guidelines that govern a website’s eligibility to accept payments online. 

Without SSL, PCI/DSS will not allow you to accept customer payments. 

SSL is of two types, namely, a Regular certificate and a Wildcard certificate. For most static websites, a regular single-domain certificate works well. 

However, for e-commerce websites that have expansion plans, a regular SSL will not fit the bill. Ecommerce websites usually have multiple first-level subdomains such as product collection pages, payments, blogs, etc., under the main domain, and they intend to keep on adding more such subdomains. If one begins to buy separate single-domain SSL certs for each new subdomain, it will become a costly affair, not to mention the astronomical costs. Therefore, they must buy a wildcard SSL because this single cert can secure the chosen main domain and a limitless number of first-level subdomains beneath it.  ecommerce success

Guide them through CTAs

If a customer visits your website, they might not know what to do on your site, what added options you have, and how to purchase from your site. 

And that is where CTAs come in. Call to Action buttons helps customers figure out where to go next. 

They can also help make customers click on specific links that you want them to see. CTA like “Get your free eBook now” can help you fetch their emails and offer a free eBook that can be valuable for them. 

CTAs also help customers proceed to checkouts and ultimately make purchases, so it is best to integrate them. 

Back your product up with Images

The biggest drawback in the eCommerce framework is that a customer cannot physically touch a product. 

But you can make up for it through high-quality images and descriptions. 

Make sure that your product is shown from all angles with a zoomed-in view so that a customer can clearly see its specifications. 

Moreover, if you can add a video of your product’s real-time use, then that would enhance your chances of converting customers even more. 

So, attach high-resolution images along with your descriptions. 

Keep a customer support system in place.

Customer support is paramount for your business’s success. However, your job as a website owner does not finish with the final purchase. Instead, the examination of your actual services starts at that time. 

If customers aren’t satisfied with your service, they will post negative comments about you on social media and rate you 1 star. 

This will discourage thousands of other potential customers who were thinking of buying from you, and they too will never buy from your site. 

So, make sure that not even one customer goes out dissatisfied from your end. 

Create the right perception

Do you think every brand is providing the worth of their prices? 

Not exactly. 

Nowadays, people do not pay for the product. Instead, they pay for the brand. Gucci, BMW, Audi and Apple are doing nothing different than their competition.

Except for some added features (which you can even get in average brands), they provide the same product at a high price. 

So, why are their products gaining so much popularity with the same products on offer?

The perception. 

Yes, it is all about the perception that they have created in prospective minds. Through extensive marketing, they made their customers believe that they are somewhat special. 

You have to create that perception for your brand too. 

To Conclude

eCommerce success in today’s world is no walk in the park. Simply pumping money into your design, development, and ad campaigns won’t do the job for you. 

As a website owner, you have to participate on social media activities and connect with your customers personally. 

Big brands, such as Amazon, are not pumping millions of dollars every month to stay on top. Rather, they are sticking with the basics of personalization, connectivity, and brand marketing. 

So, if you follow these seven elements of the eCommerce business, nobody can stop you from reaching the top of the eCommerce food chain.  

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