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Top Methods to Convert OST to PST Easily

Convert OST to PST

Convert OST to PST

 Convert OST to PST: If you are looking for migrating OST to PST format then, in this blog we are discussing the  Top methods to convert OST to PST easily.

Outlook stores both files in OST and PST formats. OST is an offline mode that is created when your connection is cut with the Exchange server. The OST file will always help you to access the messages even if you do not have any type of connection to MS Exchange Server, whereas the PST format is meant for personal storage tables, and it is created in  Outlook. If users may need to be converted OST to PST format. when the user wants to switch to another MS Outlook account. There can be various possible reasons for migrating OST files to PST format.

Here are Some Situations when Convert OST file to PST format becomes very helpful:

  • If issues connecting to the Exchange Server.
  • If  Exchange mailboxes get erased or deleted from the server.
  • An Exchange user needs to rebuild his OST file, but the user has not saved data in OST.
  • If you can easily complete OST to PST file migration, then, you can easily save the PST format in a safe location.
  • If System suddenly shuts down.
  • If OST configuration may error

These are some possible reasons to export OST to PST file format.Now, here we know some manual methods as well as professional methods to convert OST to PST file Format.

  1. Manual Tricks to convert OST to PST easily.
  2. Professional Trick to convert OST to PST easily.

#1: Manual Tricks to Convert OST to PST Easily.

  • Export/Import mailbox as a PST file

In this technique, users easily Convert OST to PST. You can save your data into Excel and CSV file format. follow the mentioned easy procedure:

  • Start your system and open MS Outlook sign in with credentials
  • Then, tap on the “File” option in the menu bar.
  • Click on the “Import & Export” option button.
  • Next, Tap on “Export to a file”.
  • Hit on the “Next”  button.
  • Then, pick the Personal File Folder (.pst).
  • Presently, hit on the “Next” button.
  • Click on the parent root, and then check the “Include subfolders” option.
  • After That, browse and select the target folder.
  • At last, click on the “Finish” button.

# Method 2: Using Drag and Drop Methods

In this method, you have to create a new Outlook PST file. Then, you just drag and drop your folders and save them. It is used to move OST emails, such as sent, inbox, draft, items into a new PST file format.

  • Firstly, open Outlook on your system Or computer.
  • Next create a new PST file in Outlook.
  • Then just choose and drag all the mailbox folders which you need to move into the Outlook PST format that you have created.

#Method 3:  Using ‘Archiving’ technique to convert OST to PST easily

  • Firstly , start your system and open MS Outlook.
  • Hit on the “File” tab and select ‘Archive’. option
  • Next, select the file/folder that you want to archive.
  • Select the location path to store the file into PST format.
  • Finally,  hit on the “Finish” button.

 These are three manual tricks to convert OST to PST format. Now, we know the drawbacks of manual methods. Mentioned below:

Drawbacks of Manual Tricks

  • In this trick is a possibility of data loss.
  • Manual tricks are very time-consuming.
  • You can not easily convert a deleted or corrupted  OST file.
  •  technical experts can convert OST to PST online.
  • It will not maintain the structure of migrated data.

These are some limitations of manual methods. However , In this circumstance, We would like to suggest using Professional tricks.

Professional Trick to Convert OST to PST Easily.

This technique comes after the manual tricks due to the long procedure of the manual techniques creating some issues. Now, we opt for the professional tool to  Convert OST to PST made by DRS Softech that can easily convert multiple OST files into Outlook PST format. Also, you can convert the first 50 items from each folder to PST for free..  This software resolves all the issues which are done in the manual methods. This tool is designed with a user interface and full of attractive features which make it user-friendly. 


In this blog, we have discussed the different tricks to resolve our problems. Hope This article will help the user to convert OST to PST easily as well as in manual or professional tricks. The automated method makes it easier to short out this issue while the manual method is time-consuming as well as a more lengthy process . So, with help of the best OST to PST Converter tool, this all happens in a very easy way.

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