December 2, 2023


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ACCELQ Codeless Test Automation for Microsoft Dynamics

ACCELQ test Automation tools

ACCELQ test Automation tools

ACCELQ test Automation tools: It’s critical to choose the correct Dynamics 365 partner for your Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution because they assist you in implementing your solution and automating the business process.

A good partner will always educate your employees on how to set up and operate the solution, as well as providing change management tactics. They will also assist you in using the solution on a regular basis by assisting you in resolving issues and addressing any queries that may occur.

Important factors to consider while choosing a Microsoft Dynamics 365 partner

Companies often tend to choose a partner who is either well known to them or whom they like the most. But this does not stand right every time. While choosing a partner for Microsoft Automation Dynamics, few factors need to be considered. The factors are listed as below:

  1. Product knowledge — Your Dynamics partner should have extensive product expertise and be familiar with the applications’ features, user interface, and customization choices.
  1. Experience in your sector — Your Microsoft Automation Dynamics partner should have some basic knowledge of your industry. This means they’ll be better at anticipating your requirements and obstacles or challenges.
  1. Values in business – Your technology partner should share your company’s and personal values. They should be open and honest regarding deadlines, budgets, and additional charges.
  1. Open communication – Maintaining a transparent connection necessitates open communication. When problems or queries arise, a prompt response is a positive indicator.
  1. Professional team – It’s crucial to know who you’ll be working with, so discover as much as you can about the team’s background, expertise, and enthusiasm for their initiatives. They must also be compatible with your working style.

When you choose a Dynamics partner, you’re picking not only someone to assist you to install the software, but also someone who can help you successfully implement the solution’s possibilities. And one such partner of Microsoft Dynamics 365 is ACCELQ. ACCELQ Codeless Test Automation for Microsoft Dynamics is on the cloud with AI-based self-healing. 
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Why is ACCELQ the most suitable partner for MS Dynamics 365 for test automation?

  1. ACCELQ Dynamics Test Automation Is compatible with the latest MS Dynamics releases and version upgrades
  2. AI-based ACCELQ Object handling is designed to manage Dynamics nested iframes, dynamic objects, and other dynamic elements.
  3. ACCELQ Dynamics Universe is ready to go regression suite with best practices and template projects 

Benefits of using ACCELQ Codeless Test Automation for Microsoft Dynamics

The visual model-based approach enables Super-fast test development & minimal maintenance

  • With automated change effects across dependencies, it’s simple to use and requires low maintenance.
  • ACCELQ is in sync with the latest Dynamics-365 updates and releases.
  • A business process representation of test assets is provided by Dynamics-365 Universe.
  • Assets that are directly related to the Dynamics-365 application flow and can now be reused

AI-based Codeless Object interaction & self-healing

  • No-code management of Dynamics objects like embedded iframes, trees, and so on.
  • For dynamic objects, a comprehensive codeless method to validate logic is used.
  • Robust automation is provided by self-healing item identification.
  • With each new release of Dynamics, the ACCELQ object library is updated.

CI alignment with Continuous Testing of Dynamics 365 releases

  • Allows in-sprint automation for shift-left and continuous testing automation 
  • For Intelligent Test planning and tracking, coverage analysis and traceability are essential and provided by ACCELQ
  • Test suite tracking and risk-based and defect-based test planning
  • For automated regression executions, integrate with your CI process.


You’ll be able to reap the benefits of in-depth training, smooth implementation, and great support and advice long after the go-live date if you choose the correct Dynamics 365 partner. When choosing a Microsoft Dynamics 365 partner, keep in mind that this is a long-term relationship.  Your partner will keep your digital transformation project on pace, on budget, and with the proper boundaries in place to fulfill your company objectives.

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