All the things you should know about hunting cameras

hunting camera with night vision

hunting camera with night vision

dear game camera with night vision

Hunting cameras with night vision: Let us first understand what a trail camera is? It is a mobile camera(remote camera) which is placed by the photographers where they cannot take the snap. This type of camera is setup up and left to record and take photographs without the help of the photographer there to manually operate it. You must have seen many of those wildlife channels where you have seen the moving camera through which you could see the photos or videos of the local wildlife with very accuracy.

Trail cameras are also known as game cameras. It is like one person having two names performing the same activity. Blaze video is one of the leading manufacturers of the dear game camera with night vision available for sale. Here are some of the different types of trail cameras we should know. hunting cameras camera with night vision


There are four types of trail camera





SD cards and megapixels

You will need a class 10 SD card but you have to choose the gig card carefully as nowadays every camera works up to 32 GB gig card while some perform up to 512 GB. You would need such a big gig card only when you want to leave your trail camera there for a longer period or else you hold a high-resolution camera. But you would almost require an SD card of at least a capacity of 32 GB according to today’s market. Also, don’t forget to read the manual book to know the maximum capacity your SD would take.

It is believed that if a trail camera got more megapixels that means it’s a better camera but it’s not obligatory because within 2 to 6 megapixels you’re going to get the same results no matter it’s daytime or nighttime.


Talking about the types of batteries there are alkaline, lithium, and rechargeable

The capacity of the batteries varies between different brands and also the type of battery you are using. By and large AA batteries are preferred but you can also put your hands on rechargeable batteries. But when you are leaving your cameras during the wintertime then you must buy lithium batteries as they seem to last long in the cold weather.

Settings and set up the positioning

Even though of which megapixel trail camera you own, if you don’t set it up in an appropriate manner then you would not be able to get clear photos or videos. Thus programming the trail camera in the right manner is also important. You must follow the following setup for your trail camera:

  • You have to select the mode in which you want your results. It could be burst photos, videos, time-lapse, or any depending upon your desire. This is known as camera mode.
  • Burst mode is nothing but the number of photos you want to take back to back.
  • For burst mode setting, you have to also set up the time interval between each photo. It may be 15 photos in 5 seconds or 10 photos in 5 seconds that you have to decide accordingly.
  • You have to consider the height of your trail camera. It should not be too high or not too low. The setup must be done considering which animal or bird they desire to capture.
  • To choose the proper location that your camera would be safe and not get stolen or fall down.
  • Check the sensitivity according to the suitable environment and weather.
  • Cross Check the lighting. Daytime and nighttime lighting and setup are different thus it should be placed by keeping that in mind. hunting cameras with night vision

Security and things to avoid

  • There is a chance where your trail camera can be stolen or ruined by the animals if they notice it and thus for security, you have to get the bear box or the cable wire so the risk can be ignored.
  • You have to clean the camera once it is placed so that the sense of humans or any kind of scent would not attract the animals towards the camera.
  • To place the camera that it won’t get stolen, so hiding your camera and along with it, proper mounting that you can get a proper shot could be quite a challenge sometimes for the photographers.

How to view, save the pictures from your trail camera?

1- How to view your photos

One of the finest and easiest ways to view pictures captured by your trail camera is through SD card readers.

Another way to view the photos is by connecting through computers. All you have to do is just plug your SD card into the SD slot in your computer use a media player to watch your captured photos and videos.

Never use a digital camera to view your photos and videos captured by a trail camera as it can lock your SD cards or can corrupt your SD card.

2- How to save your photos

You can simply save the data on your computer when you plug your SD card in your computer, you would see a pop-out which says “import to computer” and that would give options of view or import.

Also save it manually if you don’t get the pop-out by going to the file folder in my computer and click the SD card option and you can save it by the copy and paste method so that you would have a backup too.

Other things you should keep in mind

  • Well, you must check that while purchasing a trial camera what other accessories they are providing. Some companies provide SD cards and batteries along with the camera while some don’t.
  • You must have a backup for SD cards so if you are out of space it can be taken into use.
  • Should never delete your SD card from the computer but rather than that you should format the card inside the trail camera to delete photos or videos.
  • Must always employ good-quality SD cards.
  • Choosing types of batteries depending upon the weather.
  • For pricing and budget, you have to determine according to features and what’s your need.
  • Anti-theft cables and the bear box must be taken along with the installation of a trail camera so that risk can be ignored.
  • Look for the cameras which have 8 sockets for batteries.

These were the basics that one should know about trail cameras before buying them. Blaze video is a leading brand when it comes to buy hunting trail camera with night vision. hunting cameras with night vision

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