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facebook polls

facebook polls

facebook polls: Keen on knowing if your customers prefer Arabica or Robusta coffee? Whether you should promote either of the two or both? Or if your customers want to see the BTS (Behind the Scenes) of your cafe? You can resolve the issue of having answers to these crucial questions by conducting instant polls.

The provision of online polling apps helps you connect with people and conduct the best interactive polls by joining a worldwide community that lets you post questions or post content anonymously. This article talks about one such platform, the QiT app, that lets you ask questions and conduct an audience poll.

Here’s everything you need to know about the best app to create instant polls for iOS and Android.

• You can begin by signing in to the app and setting up an account. You will be required to fill in your basic details like name, date of birth, contact details, gender, and address.

• You will then be directed to the next page that will show different kinds of tabs like-Post a question, My questions, My answered questions, Chat, Comments, and many more.

• Without any more ado, you will then be directed to the next page where you can post your questions for your audience.

• Here you will simply have to follow certain steps like- choosing the demographic of your target audience (location and gender), deciding the time limit, and choosing the date. facebook polls

• In the Comments tab of the QiT app, you can see the various comments that people post on your poll questions.

Salient features of the QiT app

• Location-based question posting- You can post questions on this app to a target audience from a specific geographical location. facebook polls

• Social media connectivity- To get instant or more responses to your questions, the QiT app allows you to share your interactive poll across various social media platforms.

• Colourful statistics- The QiT app helps you create the best interactive poll with its colourful statistics that let you easily analyse, read, and present.

• In-built chat feature- The app allows you to have a chat with the people using the platform. You can use the chat feature of this innovative social app to your advantage.

• Multimedia content- The QiT app is designed in a manner that allows you to post questions in the form of texts or as images.

• Post comment- The QiT app is one of the most innovative social apps that allow connecting with people via valuable comments. So if you feel like you can add more value than just voting on some question, then do leave a comment.

• Post questions anonymously- It can be said that this is the most distinguishing feature of the app. It allows you to post questions without having to mention your name. This feature can be used for questions that may be sensitive.

What’s more about the QiT app?

QiT, the best survey and polling app helps you avoid or do away with any offensive posts by granting the following features: facebook polls

• You can anytime block the user from your feed.
• You can block the comments of any user for your poll.
• You can create polls anonymously to avoid any such issues.

To give more breathing space to the users, the QiT app is also enabled in the Arabic language. So you no longer need to stress about posting questions in one specific language. You can now conveniently post them in Arabic! facebook polls

In closing, you can join a worldwide community and get an audience poll from people all over the world. By virtue of QiT, the best polling app, you can now get a quick response to your questions in a hassle-free way.

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