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ubereats reddit: How Apps like UberEats are changing the Food Delivery Marketplace?

ubereats reddit

ubereats reddit

ubereats reddit: You work for food all day. Don’t you have the privilege of determining what, when, and where you want food? This idea has sparked a wildfire in the food industry. People needn’t access their favorite restaurant every time. They can get their favorite food delivered to their doorsteps. The idea of doorstep services greatly reduces the time and saves energy, and money of people as they needn’t have to travel. Moreover, there is revenue gained from the other side, as well. This is a win-win situation for people, restaurant owners, and business owners. 

Aren’t you interested in entering the food delivery business and gaining revenue in the market? That is exactly what we’re going to discuss here. By the end of this blog, you’ll get to know how to develop a food delivery app. Moreover, you’ll get to know the benefits and ways of revenue generation through these on-demand food delivery apps. Come on, let’s get rolling. 

One major question that pops up in mind is that, is this food delivery business profitable enough? Let’s visualize some stats to find out.

‘The growth of food delivery service market’ 

  • The online food delivery market is expected to generate $165 billion by 2024, globally. 
  • In 2011, out of the 100 food delivery markets, only 8 provided online services. 
  • However, with the advancements in modern technology, 58 out of 100 food delivery markets are offering online services in 2020. 
  • The global online food delivery market will grow at a CAGR of 11.4% between 2019 and 2024. 
  • The market for mobile applications is expected to exceed a CAGR of 15% between 2019 and 2025. 

These facts signify that people are gradually beginning to incline towards mobile apps for food delivery services. Considering this high scope of the market, are you ready to develop your food delivery app? 

‘Things to do before developing a food delivery app’ 

Food delivery app development can be highly profitable if proper ideas are coupled with proper resources. Hence, follow these guidelines before developing a food delivery app. 

  • Do market research: The most primary step before developing a food delivery app is doing market research. Make this very clear. Your locality is different from others. You need to serve the needs of your locality. Hence, it is mandatory to do market research before initiating your app development. Market research can provide you quality insights on the demands of the market, your customer expectations, etc. Moreover, with market research, you’ll get to the weakness of your competitors and areas they fail to capitalize. 
  • Visualize how your app can be different from the rest: Your food delivery app must stand apart from the rest of the lot. Mostly, it is the features that determine the scalability of the app in the market. You need to work on how you can differentiate your app from the rest. Integrating key features that can make your app popular and successful, can come in handy. Remember, the more unique your app, the better it’s chances to survive in the market. 
  • Collaborating with service providers: In order to sustain in the long run, you need to collaborate with popular service providers. Local restaurants that are popular among the masses can help your app gain instant attention. To satisfy diversified users, you need to collaborate with multiple service providers in the market. ubereats reddit

If you are ready to follow these guidelines and equip yourselves with these key takeaways, let’s look into the development process of an on-demand food delivery app. 

ubereats reddit

‘Business owners are tending to develop food delivery apps’ 

The development begins with identifying essential features and integrating them into your app. A complete food delivery app solution comes with, 

  • User app
  • Delivery Person app
  • Restaurant app
  • Admin panel

You need to identify the essential features of each app individually. Let’s discuss them here, ubereats reddit

Essential features of the User App: 

  • Registration: Users downloading the app, can register via different social media handles. Make sure it is a single-step registration process. 
  • Search and Filters: Users can access a list of products available in the app. They can apply different filter options based on delivery time, ratings, etc. 
  • Real-time tracking: One of the major success factors of these on-demand apps is transparency in the system. Users get to know the exact status of their orders. Hence, a real-time tracking feature is mandatory. With this feature, users get the estimated time of delivery, as well. 
  • Payment options: Users can pay through a multitude of payment options, including credit, debit cards, digital wallets, etc. You shouldn’t neglect users based on payments. 
  • Ratings and Reviews: Users can rate the food delivery services in the app. They can share their experience in the form of reviews, as well. ubereats reddit

Essential features of the Delivery professional app: 

  • Availability toggle: Delivery professionals can toggle between their availability with this feature. This lets them offer services during their free hours. 
  • Accept/Reject Requests: Delivery professionals can accept or reject requests based on their interests. This can eliminate undesirable circumstances if the delivery professionals are already committed to another order. 
  • Manage Multiple orders: Delivery professionals can pick up multiple orders on the way for delivery. This greatly reduces their energy and time taken for delivering food orders. 
  • Push Notifications: Delivery professionals needn’t access the app every time. Service requests can be updated to them instantly via push notifications. ubereats reddit

Essential features of the Restaurant App: 

  • Availability toggle: Just like delivery professionals, restaurants can also switch between their availability with a toggle feature. When they turn off their availability, they are no longer visible to users accessing the app. ubereats reddit
  • Order management: Restaurants can manage multiple orders efficiently with their separate dashboard. They get to know the delivery professionals’ arrival time for picking up different orders. 
  • Accepting advanced bookings: With this feature, restaurants can let users know if they are accepting advanced bookings. Users can schedule their orders well in advance to avoid surge pricing. 

Essential features of the Admin panel: 

Admin is the mastermind who monitors the entire app activity. For the efficient functioning of the app, try these admin panel features. ubereats reddit

  • Dispatcher panel: Whenever users place an order through the app, admins are notified instantly. With a dispatcher panel, admins get to know the available delivery persons and can assign them to pick up orders. 
  • Delivery Radius: Admins can set up a delivery radius for restaurants and delivery professionals to pick up orders from users. 
  • God’s Eye View: Admins get to monitor the entire activity taking place through this feature. They can track multiple order requests simultaneously, from the location they are in. . 

‘Users and service providers are benefited from food delivery apps’

A service that isn’t beneficial enough cannot sustain itself in the market. Let’s discuss the benefits of these food delivery apps.  ubereats reddit

  • Online food ordering: Users can order their desired food sitting comfortably in their places. Moreover, they get instant doorstep delivery services. From the restaurants’ point of view, these online food orders add to an additional source of income. They can serve multiple orders, thereby leading to increased profits. 
  • Transparency in the system: Users needn’t worry about the food orders made through the app. They get to know the exact status of the app. Moreover, restaurants get to know the arrival of delivery professionals, as well. This way, the system becomes entirely transparent and reliable. 
  • Real-time menu: Users are annoyed if their ordered food isn’t available at the restaurant. To avoid this undesirable situation, food delivery apps are coming up with a real-time menu. With a real-time menu, restaurants can update their food listings according to the availability. This way, both users and restaurants are benefited by these food delivery apps. 

‘Food delivery platforms are generating revenue from various sources’ 

Any business owner has two main motives. One, serving people and the other, generating revenue. Serving people effectively can lead to increased revenue generation. Let’s discuss the different ways of revenue generation. 

  • Paid commissions: Food delivery platforms bridges the gap between service providers and users. Hence, business owners receive a part of users’ payment as paid commissions. This way, there is a steady flow of revenue through these platforms. 
  • Surge pricing: In certain hotspots, the demand for food delivery is very high. Business owners can capitalize on the situation by applying surge pricing. This can add to revenue, as well. 
  • Third-party advertising: Business owners can join hands with third-party vendors for advertising. By displaying their ads on the app for a specified timeframe, business owners can generate revenue through their food delivery app. 

‘Clone apps- The recent technological advancement worth considering’ 

While developing a food delivery app from scratch can amount to a higher budget, you can reduce your budget substantially with clone apps. Clone apps are the recent market trends with business owners gradually shifting their attention. The Clone apps developed by app development companies are entirely customizable, according to business owners. As a business owner, you can venture into the food delivery market with an UberEats clone. Clone apps are white-labeled, allowing business owners to modify name, brand, logo, etc. While getting an UberEats clone, make sure you integrate these features and do a market study of your locality.

Summing up, 

The online food delivery services market is growing exponentially than predicted by experts. Nowadays, people have on-demand apps for almost everything. You can develop a food delivery app and thrive in the flourishing market. Follow the above guidelines to prevent undesirable situations while developing the app. It is the features that shape your app in the market. Integrate stand-apart features to your app to gain increased popularity. An emerging entrepreneur can boost ROI substantially with the help of an UberEats clone. So, approach app development companies, tell them your specifications, and launch the app in the market!

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