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Difference between Automated and Manual Summarizing

Automated summarization

Automated summarization

Automated summarization : Summarizing is all about making complex information easy to understand and more readable.

Many people may get confused over why we need summarization and how to generate summaries of lengthy content.

So, there are two options to generate summaries; one is to do it manually, and the second option is to use tools.

As we all know, we have various tools available on the internet, and many of them are entirely free, so you can easily use them.

It is not wrong to say that generating summaries manually can be a difficult task, and you may compromise on the central meaning of the summary.

Let’s have a look at the difference between these two approaches.

What is manual summarization?

It is pretty apparent that manual summarization refers to generating a summary without using any of the tools, either online or a conventional tool.

The first thing that must be in your mind is to never compromise on the central idea of the content, and this cannot be easy while summarizing manually.

But in many scenarios, manual summarization can be the best because it increases your exposure and creativity.

And sometimes, we do not have enough resources like we may not have internet or a smart device so, we need to go for manual summarization.

Automated summarization

In contrast, we have automated summarization which refers to generate a summary using online tools, and this is the most accessible approach.

As we mentioned above, we have hundreds of tools and each of them is easily accessible and easy to use.

But it is not wrong to say that we cannot try every tool, so you need to read a shortlisted guide.

Fortunately, we have done this job for you. We have shortlisted some of the best-automated tools that can help you in generating summaries.

And these tools are authentic and accessible as well so, you can have a look at them and must give them a try.

Top 3 best automated summarizing tools

It isn’t easy to shortlist only three tools in the list of a hundred, but we did it. Some features must be present in a summarizing tool that make them best.

So, considering these features, we will share some of the best automated summarizing tools available on the internet.


Here comes the most authentic and easiest summarizing tool, but things are limited to generating summaries.

Editpad has many more options available in this tool, as you can quickly check plagiarism or rephrase content using

First of all, you need to focus on the user interface, whether a summarizing tool or some other tool regarding writing.

The working and benefits of this tool is discussed below.

How to use this tool?

  • As soon as you step into this tool, you’ll see an input box and an output box
  • You can type something in the input box
  • You can also upload a file from your device
  • This tool is not limited to the English language only, but we have many more options; you can select them as well
  • By hitting the “summarize” button, you’ll get your results in the output field

Why this tool?

  • Instantaneous results
  • Quick response
  • Boost skimming
  • Enables productivity
  • Free of cost
  • Safe and secure


If you prefer to get more features in a single tool, you should try this tool because many features enrich it.

These features are more than enough to impress someone, and they can quickly generate your summary with all the accuracy and effectiveness.

Undoubtedly, the internet is full of scams, so you must be aware of it and always use an authentic and safe tool.

SummarizerTool have many noticeable features available in this tool that deserve to be discussed, so look at them.

The most deserving feature is that this tool has artificial intelligence, making it much better and differentiating it from other tools.

How to use this tool?

  • You can manually type your content, or you can upload a file from your laptop
  • There are four formats available that are doc, Docx, txt, and pdf
  • We can also check the word count of an article
  • Click on the “summarize now” button to get your results
  • You can copy your results to the clipboard

Why this tool?

  • Artificial intelligence
  • Free of cost
  • Unlimited summary generation


As we mentioned above, AI-based tools are very efficient, especially when talking about writing tools.

So, we have one more tool with artificial intelligence installed, which assures the accuracy and effectiveness of the tool.

We can quickly generate the summary of lengthy content by using this ai-based summarizing tool.

The interface of is beautiful and easy as well, and we need to understand that an attractive interface is as important as an easy interface.

We can say that some features differentiate this tool from others, like using bullets, highlighting the best line, and setting summary lengths.

This is the first tool in this list that has the option of setting summary length, and this tool deserves a try.

How to use this tool?

  • As previously discussed tools, you can start typing or upload a file
  • You can choose a mode
  • We have an option of using bullets in the summary
  • You can set summary length if needed
  • You can highlight the best line using this tool
  • Hit “summarize now” to get your generated summary

Why this tool?

  • Adjustable summary length
  • Use bullets
  • Highlight best line
  • Keep originality
  • Easy-to-understand interface

Bottom line

In this digital era, we have many tools at our single click so, we don’t need to be obsessed over things.

The same goes for the summarizing tools, and we have a list of hundreds of tools available that can generate summaries by following few steps.

By reading this guide, you’ll surely get to know that manual summary generation is not encouraging.

We have shared the details of the top 3 summarizing tools, which are easy-to-use and safe to use so, you can use them. Automated summarization

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