December 7, 2023


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Top 3 Plagiarism Checking Apps for Android in 2021



There was a time when it was impossible to find plagiarism in your writing or someone’s content. The only way to discover the duplicate content in a writing was to manually compare it with a similar article which is quite an impossible way to finding plagiarism.

Thanks to the technology that has enabled the checking of plagiarism within a click. Not only this, but the smartphone apps also check plagiarism directly from your mobile.

There are numerous plagiarism checking tools available on the Play store that can scan your inserted text and finds any copied content in it.

However, not all the applications can be considered as they may not be capable to find the accurate result of plagiarism.

Plagiarism Checker by Prepostseo

Prepostseo is a famous website that offers amazing plagiarism checker not only over web interface but also on Android and iOS devices.

This app is completely free for all the users and it provides the most accurate results as it scans multiple databases, e-books, YouTube descriptions, Social media posts, online blogs, and all other content that is published over the internet.

The apps come with a simple and user-friendly interface and along with that, there are several other advantages of this application. Some of the features of this plagiarism checker are discussed below:

  • Easy Sign-up: Unlike other plagiarism checkers, you don’t need to register yourself by entering all of your details. This app is accessible using a Google account and this can help to sign up within seconds.  
  • Sentence by Sentence checking: The sentence by sentence checking feature makes it perfect for accurate results because it compares each sentence of your writing.
  • Various uploading options: Besides pasting the content, you can also upload the file or take a picture from your smartphone camera.
  • Safe & Secure: Prepostseo doesn’t store any of your context in their databases and your content is safe when checked via this app.
  • Report Export: Once you check the plagiarism, you can easily generate the report on the “Result” page and this report is sharable to anyone.
  • Display Sources (in the form of URL): It not only finds the percentage of unique content but also display the URLs of the website from where the content is found similar.

Talking about the price of this app, this app is free to use as a trial for up to 1000 words and 200 queries while it also offers affordable packages for more queries which start from $10/month. duplichecker

Download link:


Plagly is another android app that checks plagiarism in your writing. This is free which works faster than most of the other apps. duplichecker

This app although don’t have many features like others but with a simple interface, most of the users use it to know any plagiarism in their writing.

It only tells whether your writing contains plagiarized text or not. duplichecker

It is completely free and doesn’t require any subscription. Upon pasting the context, it will find different databases and find any similarities with your content. duplichecker wayne state canvas

Download link:

Plagiarism checker by Maksim

This is another application for detecting duplicate content in any of the writing. This checker offers free usage to all the users but this is not accurate as compared to the above apps. duplichecker wayne state canvas

This smartphone application has a simple interface that can scan your entire text within seconds and if it finds any plagiarism, it will mention the total ratio of copied content.

It also tells the source but, in some conditions, the result is not accurate. If you are looking for free plagiarism checking application then this can be considered. duplichecker wayne state canvas

Download link:

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