Do you need to align social media for SEO? A comprehensive guide

impact factor ranking

impact factor ranking

Obtaining high ranks in search results is the sole objective of SEO. There are innumerable ways of optimizing websites by implementing on-page and off-page optimization techniques to boost ranking. But many people think that looking beyond SEO to rank better is a possibility that is worth exploring by publishing content on the social media channels that gain high visibility.

Promoting content on social media, which is part of social media marketing, is a popular practice that can provide marketing dividends. However, no one is sure about how beneficial it is to increase your search ranking when you use social media for content promotion. Even some experts feel that it is a waste of time. Yet, when you ask any social media marketing agency, they will highlight several advantages that are hard to ignore.

 Although there is not much clarity about the relationship between social media and SEO, it is impossible to denounce it completely. Accept the fact that there is some relationship between SEO and social media. You can use it to your advantage for improving search ranking, provided you have a clear understanding of the synergy.

Social media signals are not a ranking factor

There is no place for social media signals in Google’s search algorithms, which means that it does not directly impact search rankings. But it is also true that the social media signals do have some indirect effect on search rankings and why people are keen to use social media alongside SEO.  On a closer look at the social media signals, it should not be hard to discover some relationship between likes and shares and the search rankings. Studies have shown that websites that rank high have an impressive social media presence.  Leaving aside the debate about the correlation between social signals and search ranking, you cannot discard the study’s findings based on case studies that highlight a strong correlation between the two. 

The connection between social media signals and ranking

Going by Google’s version, there is no direct impact of social media signals on the ranking, which is evident.  Social media signals are essential for SEO because it does a lot of good to push up the ranking indirectly.  Since visibility is an important factor for websites with a direct connection to search rankings, all search engine optimization efforts aim to gain high visibility. Promoting content on social media helps to multiply visibility; hence it holds much importance for SEO, regardless of the relationship between the two.  High sharing of content on social media will encourage people to link to it and augment the website’s backlink profile that helps to improve search ranking.

Now we will discuss how to optimize social media for SEO.

Publishing content on social media will not help to gain visibility automatically. Optimizing your presence on social media is necessary to maximize visibility, and the following tips will help to do a good job.

Profile optimization

Your social media profile is most important in drawing people to your account. It also helps to introduce you to viewers in the right way by hinting at who you are, what you do, and why people should take an interest in you.  Your profile helps viewers set the right expectations to explore your profile in-depth and then start interacting with you.  If you have multiple social media accounts, then maintain consistency in the profiles that increase trust in the business and brand and easily recognize.   Ensure that your profile or bio is entirely relevant to your business. Leave a link to your website in your bio that can help drive traffic to your website, which then offers more engagement scope. 

Post regular updates

Staying active on social media is critical to gain the audience’s trust by demonstrating your authority in the niche or industry. Post regularly on social media according to some schedule that meets the audience’s expectations. It helps in better engagement that improves trust in the business and brand.  The frequency of posting is essential, and it varies according to the type of social media. For example, posting several times during the day might suit Twitter but deemed excessive on LinkedIn.

Make your posts more shareable

Social media sharing is critical for posts to become popular and even go viral. The extent of sharing points to the posts’ popularity and speaks volumes about the brand’s reliability. To ensure high sharing of your posts, optimize it with some intent that inspires viewers to share them.   Create attractive and compelling headlines for your posts that have elements of going viral.  Use incredible images that speak of thousands of words, and do not be shy to urge viewers to share your posts. Your efforts should pay back well, as seen in various researches. Make good use of hashtags in your social media posts as these are as powerful as keywords that help to categorize content so that social media users can quickly find it. Brand hashtags help your content stand out from the crowd.

Optimize your website content for more social sharing

Sharing of social media content is obvious, but you can encourage your website and visitors to share the content. It would require proper optimization of your website content that enhances its attraction and looks more worthy of sharing. Optimize the various elements of the content from headlines to copy to keywords and call to action.  Create content with high-quality images that makes it more attractive and emotive that trigger sharing. 

Include social media buttons in your website to direct your website viewers to your social media accounts, thereby increasing the chances of sharing content. Since sharing on social media is easier, driving website viewers to your social media accounts will multiply the sharing rate. Adding videos to the content will enhance its attraction and shared widely.  

The more you stay active on social media and remain engaged with viewers, the better it will be for SEO. So make sure that you do not miss out on this for your brand.

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