Do Macs Need Antivirus Software?

do macs need antivirus software

do macs need antivirus software

Do macs need antivirus software: Unlike Windows operating systems, MacOS is a very stable and reliable platform that doesn’t get affected by any virus, spyware, or other serious infections. But, as we invent new technology, hackers and cyberpunks have also invented new ways to intrude MacOS. And the matter of fact is, they use MacOS to do these foul practices.

Those who believed that MacOS are immortal, have been attacked for ransomware with numerous live incidents and now they believe that Macs do need Antivirus for better protection. Although, Apple Inc. still claims that Mac doesn’t require any Antivirus software for protection but so does Microsoft after introducing Windows Defender with Win 8 and above in 2017. Wasn’t there any cyberattack since 2017? No operating system is completely secured without Antivirus and other security utilities.

What Research Says?

As per research, Malwarebytes confirmed that there was a significant rise in cyberattacks and the prevalence of Mac threats that shot up to 400 % in 2018. Malwarebytes also confirmed that highly crucial malware attacks by malware named ‘backdoors’, ‘data stealers’, ‘cryptocurrency stealers/miners’, and other intruders have increased by up to 60 % in the year 2020.

Seeing this high rise in numbers, Apple also launched recent updates with higher security measures to ensure the user experience and privacy is not hampered. The latest release of MacOS Mojave or MacOS Big Sur 11.2.3 – 20D91 that was released on March 8, 2021, are more stable and harmless than the previous versions. Apple has introduced Gatekeeper, which is designed to block software that hasn’t been digitally approved by Apple and can’t be installed or run on your Mac without prior approvals. Another security product ‘XProtect’ is Apple’s own antivirus built with the new macOS to protect you from malware infections.

At the same time, Dark Web researchers also confirmed that the impact of COVID-19 left thousands of unemployed IT youngsters who are focusing their interest on the Dark Web. Apple’s claim of protecting Mac users from the worst malware threats may be right but I can’t leave any stone unturned to protect my privacy, security, sensitive data like passwords, banking details or even my browsing history. It’s always better to have a dual shield than just relying on what Apple claims. Apple store also authorized many reseller online store like that offer a wide range of apple mac products. Moreover, this online store offers an OWC promo code for getting huge money-saving deals on mac accessories. 

What Can Harm Your Mac?

Not necessarily a virus attack is required to harm a Mac. There are other potential threats that can harm Mac or your data on the device. Adware can get into your Mac through numerous sources and can start popping advertisements.

Adware, Malware, Potentially Unwanted Programs (or PUPs), Cryptocurrency miners, Ransomware, Trojan Horse, Spyware, Phishing Emails, attachments or links can intrude and harm your Mac. There are numerous ways an infected file can get into your Mac and execute its process on its own. Most of the times, we are the ones who allow these files without knowing that the file can be potentially harmful to our device and data. best antivirus reddit

XProtect By Apple

Apple’s all-new XProtect works automatically on the Mac without any visibility. It works in the background and runs a real-time check on all incoming and outgoing files. Whenever a contaminated file is downloaded on the Mac, it runs a check of the file name, type, and content against the database of the known file types and infections. But there are other antivirus and protection suite that are more updated than the inbuilt one and hence Macs need Antivirus software.

Precautions and Preventions

A Clean Mac is a Happy Mac! The more you optimize your Mac and keep it junk-free it will be away from intruders, safe and clean. Junk files and unnecessarily accumulated clutter can slow down the Mac performance and prevent it from getting infected. do macs need antivirus software

Movavi Mac Cleaner – An All-In-One Utility

An All-In-One Utility can do a lot on your Mac and keep up your computing experience. Safety, performance and the clutter-free system is the only goal. Movavi Mac Cleaner is a powerful Mac cleaner that can keep junk, clutter out of your system and optimize it to work as good as new. There are a lot of intuitive Features of Movavi Mac Cleaner that makes it the best Mac antivirus and optimization software. do macs need antivirus software

Movavi Mac Cleaner Features

  • Antivirus and Privacy protection
  • Scans large and old files to preview for deletion if not in use
  • Clean unused language files to regain space on your hard drive
  • Quick cleanup of User Cache, System Cache, Log Files and other clutter
  • Cleans up Trash, incomplete downloads, cookies, browsing history, and temp files
  • Application uninstaller to uninstall any software and associated files for clean uninstallation
  • Optimize startup applications so that only trusted and allowed apps can load at startup
  • Keeps an eye on disk usage to track which file or folder is taking up more space
  • Removes duplicate files, documents, pictures, music, videos and other files
  • Shredder to secure-delete any confidential file that deletes permanently
  • Boost Memory and clean up RAM to enhance performance
  • Strongest Firewall protection

Summing Up

Mac can’t be infected, is still a myth! Every OS is vulnerable and every threat has a shield. You just need to identify the potential threat and have the right solution to it. Just antivirus software for Mac is not good enough to keep your Mac as good as new. You need to have multiutility software that can optimize, keep it clean and give utmost protection from unwanted threats. best antivirus reddit do macs need antivirus software

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