December 2, 2023


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Gain Instant Traction With BulkWhiz Clone Grocery Delivery App In Dubai

BulkWhiz Clone App

BulkWhiz Clone App

Covid19 has brought ground breaking changes to the way businesses used to happen. Even the basic shopping like daily essentials, medicines, grocery shopping was disrupted since physical stores were not working full-fledged. Now that social distancing has become the “new normal”, businesses had to find the alternate route – on-demand apps happen to provide the balance in the economy. Developing a BulkWhiz clone app can be the best choice to establish your business in the Dubai market.

With so many SMEs, and startup are favouring developing on demand apps UAEs sector is predicted to be valued around USD 8 billion and the figures are growing. The grocery delivery in Dubai seems to be booming with new on demand apps making their way to help the citizen to streamline and stay organized during these tough times. The on demand sector has influenced Dubai markets lately, and for this reason, entrepreneurs are keen on building an app like BulkWhiz grocery delivery app.

Choosing BulkWhiz Clone App For Your Grocery Business In Dubai

Convenience and comforts are the two primary things that people loved given at any time, anywhere. This encouraged them to download the BulkWhiz clone app. The grocery delivery market in Dubai is growing by filling the demands of the citizens. It is forecasted that the on-demand apps will be the “must-haves” things to have for the businesses in the coming years.

Therefore, looking at the lucrative opportunities and benefits it brings to your business, it makes sense to build a BulkWhiz clone grocery app for the Dubai market.

Benefits associated with BulkWhiz clone app

  • It encourages customer engagement
  • Helps meet customer demands
  • Increases consumer loyalty
  • Brand visibility
  • Reduces administrative costs
  • The on demand grocery app will not have a setback like COVID/recession
  • The grocery on demand app instantly fits with the Dubai citizen
  • 100% opportunities to grow and expand your on demand grocery business in Dubai

Integrating BulkWhiz Clone Grocery Delivery App With Cutting-edge Features

You might have done your research about the niche market, have gathered data, and have facts listed to get ready with your BulkWhiz clone app, but the need to stand out from the rest of the grocery delivery app in Dubai will require more than this. Integrating your app with cutting-edge features will not only impel your ondemand grocery app to increase the customer base but will put you ahead in the competition.

The features to include are:

Advanced search options:

This feature allows the user to search for their grocery quickly and easily. By filling in the details, the app will present the list of the matching names along with their packaging details, prices, suppliers/grocery stores, and nearby location. This way the consumers can shop their grocery items effortlessly.

Multilanguage support

The native language of Dubai is “Arabic”, however, the city is welcoming citizens across the globe thus do not limit your app by integrating it in the native language. Have to install multiple language support this way the users will feel comfortable adding their grocery items to the cart


Your users can save a lot of time using this feature. Users need not add groceries every time they shop from this app. The reordering feature lets your users add the same groceries in just a few taps, saving their time.

In-app chat support

It helps boost customer engagement. Your users can communicate with the customer care support for any concern, queries related to grocery shopping.

Multiple currency support

Like said earlier, let not your app have a restricted amount of customers. By integrating multiple currencies, people can easily shop for the grocery by paying money they are comfortable with.

Multiple payments

Integrate your BulkWhiz clone grocery delivery app with multiple payment support. This way the users will have the flexibility to pay from multiple options like Credit-Debit card / Wallet/ Google Pay/ Netbanking, etc.

Generate Multiple Stream Of Income With The BulkWhiz Clone App

With an on demand grocery delivery app like BulkWhiz, you can generate multiple revenues from a variety of sources such as:

  • Charging commission – Charge a small percentage of commission for the retail stores that come onboard.
  • Delivery charges – You can charge a small amount of fee from the users on every delivery booked. Additionally, you can charge more for delivering the groceries when delivered within one hour, etc., and have substantial income build every month.
  • Subscription charges – You can avail subscription fees from the users so that they can enjoy premium benefits when using the grocery delivery app
  • Ad charges – Collaborate with the 3rd party grocery brands and have their ads display on your app website, and within your app. This way you can boost your income

Concluding Notes

When you intent to build a quality on demand grocery delivery app to launch in Dubai, it is important that you have research done well in advance. When looking for an app development company, make sure that they have successfully launched 1000+ app in the Play Store/App Store. The company is providing you with a 100% white label scalable source code so that you can customize it as per your business needs. Share your concept with the mobile app developers team to craft an excellent grocery delivery app for your business. Since it is a ready-made app solution, it is cost-effective and doesn’t much of the time to launch. You can start your on demand grocery app business as quick as 7 days.

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