September 25, 2023

What Are The Key Ingredients Of A Successful Website Design?

cool design

cool design

cool design
cool design

cool design: If you wonder what exactly affects the conversion on your website, you may have laid the foundation incorrectly.

According to the recent statistics by WebFx, 89% of customers turn to your competitor to shop if they have a poor user experience!

That is too significant a loss!

cool design: The user experience of a website directly impacts the credibility and success of a business. Much significance is given to the design of a website to enhance its visual appearance. Undoubtedly, a website’s design is a decisive factor of what sort of an experience a user will have and whether he is going to convert into a customer or recurrent visitor. 

Many website owners make the mistake of either showing too less on their webpage or go overboard with a crowded design. Both can be extremely harmful to a good user experience. You neither want the user to feel deprived of the necessary information nor overwhelm him with a bombardment of elements.

cool design
cool design


If you don’t want your website’s design to fall short, keep in mind the following elements instrumental in a website’s success.

  1. Branding

Having a unique identity and establishing yourself as a brand is one of the best way to ace your web design. It sets you apart from competitors, helps build a relationship with the audience, and gives an impression that your brand is approachable.

It is hence understandable why 73% of companies invest in design to help their brand stand out from competitors (WebFx).

Your logo is not the only branding element that you can use on your website. Specific colors, unique font, and a friendly yet powerful brand voice is what branding is all about. Your visitors will easily remember you, plus it will be easier for them to trust and buy from you. cool design

Netflix, the trusted choice of entertainment for more than 190 million users, does its best when it comes to branding. Not only its specific red and black colors, but Netflix also has a brand voice that builds trust by letting viewers know all about upcoming shows and the ease to “watch anywhere” and “cancel anytime” on the website.

  • Usability

What is the use of a website which leaves the visitor perplexed and annoyed?

Incorporating usability in your website design will have a massive influence on the time users spend in it and, eventually, conversions. Getting around your site must be a smooth experience for the visitor, which means you need to have straightforward, understandable navigation.

Customers these days are impatient. The less work they have to do, the better it will be for your business. Make it easier for them to spot the required information. Seamless navigation will not only solve the customer’s problems, but it will also provide them a pleasant and consistent visual appearance.

One of the latest trends for a website that has optimum usability is flat design. It is a minimalist design with the elements incorporated in a two-dimensional user interface. See how Fitbit does it.

cool design
cool design


  • A Fast Loading Speed

I earlier stated the new-age customer is relatively impatient. We all are used to everything quick, easy, and effortless. The same are the expectations with a website. It is only useful if it loads fast!

Research by Akamai reveals that users expect websites to load in 3 seconds or less.

The impact of speed on business ROI is also not negligible. Infront webworks state that Increasing your website loading speed can save you from losing 7 percent of possible conversions.

Optimized speed is one of the reasons why you should have an SSL certificate for your website. Not only an SSL certified website loads quicker, but it is also required for security as well as better search engine rankings. You can install any type of SSL certificate that may fit in your budget. It may be standard SSL, identity validation or any affordable or cheap wildcard SSL certificate – mainly use to secure subdomains. Any SSL can help you in search ranking and will not hamper website’s speed.

  • Mobile Responsiveness       

We all know how most of our browsing and usage of the internet is increasingly done on mobile phones. Therefore, having a website that has a responsive design for mobile is the need of the hour.

Visitors will most likely abandon your website if they find that it isn’t mobile responsive. This notion is backed by a survey which was conducted by Good Firms. They found that 73.1% of the respondents reported issues due to the lack of a responsive website.

  • Compelling Content 

Inevitable fact: Success does boil down to the kind of content you post on your website!

First and foremost, your copywriting should be compelling enough to spark interest in the visitor. You can imagine it like the first round in a competition that helps you win if you ace it well. The copywriting includes the headline, product or service descriptions, and the Call to action buttons.

The website of Blo, the business experts, is designed by logo design valley, where they have done a tremendous job with copywriting. The powerful headline “giving future to your investment” instantly clicks with the target audience. cool design

Besides the copy, the rest of the content like the images, videos, and blogs are also vital to boost your website’s performance. According to Demand Metric, 82% of users feel positive about a company after reading custom content on the website.

If you have videos on your website, be sure of its success as the WebFx statistics reveal that visitors spend up to 88% more time on a webpage with videos.

  • The Right CTAs

Straightforward, easy to follow CTAs are critical to an outstanding web design. Try customized CTAs for even better conversion. Targeting the right audience with the right call to action that they prefer will bring conversions.

Sprout Social has come up with a list of highest performing CTAs, which include Learn More, Shop Now, Download, Sign up, and Book now. Note how all these are incredibly concise, to the point, and straightforward.

  • Accessibility  

One of the biggest mistakes that I find annoying as a user is the unavailability to contact the website owners. The reasons can be the lack of contact information on the homepage, missing contact numbers, and nowhere to report our queries. cool design

Make accessibility an integral part of your website design by displaying complete contact information on the homepage. Also, integrate social media icon buttons to let visitors explore your social handles and contact you quickly from there.

You can also decide whether using AI chatbots will be a good option for your business website as it will answer the most frequently asked questions without putting you in a hassle.

  • Avoid Complexity

Scott Belsky, Chief Product Officer at Adobe, suggests a rule of thumb for UX, “The more the options, the more the problems,” he says.

When deciding on what elements to include in your website, steer clear from too many of them. Believe me! Your website will bring more harm than good if a visitor gets repelled by a plethora of elements on a single page. Design other pages and add to the navigation menu if you feel it can’t be given up.

  •  Add Social Proof

Finally, one of the elements that have proven to win customers’ trust is the reviews and testimonials you display on your website. They let the new buyer know that you have done the same work with utmost honesty previously, and they can trust you. cool design

The Takeaway

The good thing about web design is that it’s not an irreversible task. If a specific design element is not working for your website, you can always change it. What may prove successful for one website is not necessarily a must-have for all the others. You can try, test, and repeat if anything is not going as per your goals.

Basically, the practices mentioned above will give you an idea of what might be the missing piece in the puzzle of your website’s design. Taking care of these will ensure an enjoyable experience for the visitors and enhance conversions.

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