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Top 11 Video Editing Software for Beginners

best free video editing software reddit

best free video editing software reddit

Video clips have become an important medium to disseminate messages in the modern era. It also acts as a source of entertainment. Above all, professional video making has different approaches, and both video makers and editors can earn well doing jobs in the top video production companies. If you plan to start a career in video editing, you must know professional video editing software. You can expect to get regular jobs as skilled videographers and editors are in high demand. 

As per some recent stats, video making and editing have become trendy as HubSpot’s data shows that  85% of the total global consumers are interested in watching a video. 

Here is some video editing software that you can learn as a beginner and make video clips of outstanding quality. 

Video Editing Software for Beginners

1. Filmora

Filmora is a high-standard video editing software that is studded with some top features. It has similarities with Wondershare. It is outstanding in the aspects of user-friendliness and quality.

You can easily add music, transitions, and primary effects on the Filmora software. It also allows you to execute all audio-related that boosts up the quality of the video clip. Filmora has a mobile application too. As a beginner, you can work on the “Easy Mode’. 

Using Filmora is $59.99 as the lifetime license or $39.99 as a yearly package.  If you are entirely new to video editing, try to use the demo mode at first. 

2.  Apple iMovie

If you are a beginner at video editing but use macOS, the Apple iMovie can be your right choice. The UI of this software is simple, and file transfer is also easy. However, you should only consider using this software if all your supporting gadgets are from Apple. 

Some of the best features of Apple iMovie are Chroma Key, Garage Band, and Overlay Screen. Moreover, uploading a video on social networking sites can be instantly done.

There is no exclusive pricing of Apple iMovies as it is integrated with the Mac machine.

 3. Nero Video

As a beginner, you might not want a video editing software that costs a lot. If you are looking for affordable software that offers all essential features help in top-class video editing, Nero Video is what you can choose.

Nereo Video can be the best in guiding you with applying a transition or an effect. Although you might face speed-related issues often with this software, its low price ($49.99 one-time) can be the main reason you use this one. 

4. Adobe Premiere Pro

In many leading countries, the Adobe Premiere Pro is used as a professional video editing software in the advertisement and film industries. Learning the Adobe Premiere Pro process can be beneficial if you are residing in such countries. 

It has several features like colouring and alignment option, Multicam, easy sharing and simple UI. The charges of Adobe Premiere Pro is $19.99  per month.  There is also a free version, but you might not access all the features while using it. Due to its popularity, Adobe Premiere also has many third-party tools like Film Impact to make editing easier for beginners.

5. Clipify

Clipify is a user-friendly video maker you can get completely for free. It has numerous features, from basic ones like splitting your clip and changing its speed to more advanced ones like stabilizing your video and changing its background. 

This automatic video editor will come in handy for many purposes: making family videos, dynamic slideshows, business-related clips, and even academic presentations. 

What’s more, you need zero experience in video editing to use it since the Video Wizard will lead you through the whole post-production process.

6.  InVideo Online Video Editor

When it comes to online software for video editing for beginners, you can consider the InVideo Online Video WEditor to be the best. This software can be used for free, and many video templates ease the process of video making. 

With inVideo Online Video Editor can be used to make advertisement videos, but you might need other software support for the more complicated ones. 

7. Movavi Video Editor

Movavi Video Editor can be one of the best software for video editing that you can purchase online directly. It is a straight-forward editor software that you can quickly learn and make good quality video clips visually outstanding. 

No charges are needed to download the software, but it runs only on the WindowsOS system. 

8.  CyberLink PowerDirectors

CyberLink PowerDirecrors is a software that acts as a fully-loaded video editing console. It is known for its great upkeep, and you can learn the process of accessing different features in a few days of usage. 

The main USP of CyberLink PowerDirectors is its ability to render the videos quickly. This automatically brings down the waiting period, and you can get the final product quickly.

Advanced work like VFX and virtual reality can be done on the CyberLink PowerDirector software. There is a separate section where you can find the effects and click on them. You will be able to add those on your videos while editing. 

Another commendable attribute of the software is its price. You can buy this software in just $79..99. It is a one-time payment that you need to give while purchasing the software. The best way to use this software is to download any available updates. 

9.  Pinnacle Studio

The Pinnacle Studio is made by Corel, the house which is exceptionally acclaimed for making designing software. As a beginner, you need to keep in mind that the Pinnacle Studio software is expensive. For the ultimate version, you need to pay the lump sum charge of $129.95. However, consider it as on one time investment.

The most exciting features present in the software are the multi-cam, VR support, and 4K video compatibility. In terms of rendering, the Pinnacle Studio software stands apart as you can instantly get the video ready for uploading and sharing. 

10. Corel Video Studio

If you are currently learning the process of editing films rich in visual effects and colour schemes, try choosing the Corel Video Studio. Ultimate version as you can get the full access to the overall features of the software. 

All types of effects can be added easily to the video while editing with Corel Video Studio’s help.

You can change the alignment of the video and put up audios too. Sound balancing can be quickly done with the help of this software. However, the Corel Video Studio can be a bad option when it comes to video rendering, 

To use this software, you will need to pay the authority an amount of $51.99 on a one-time basis. 

11. Apple Final Cut Pro X

If you are sure about making an outstanding career in video editing and work in the industry for years, start learning the usage of Apple Final Cut Pro X. It is used by all top video editing companies who work ad clippings and filmmaking.

It has all the modern features that you would need to learn while making a video soothing for the eye and daunting at the same time. 

There are a touch bar and a digital magnetic timeline present on the UI of the software. The total charges for the Apple Final Cut Pro X are $299.90. 

12. FlexClip Video Maker

FlexClip Video Maker is also an easy-to-use video editor for beginners. You will feel confident to use this software as it offers all kinds of video editing tools for you to make a video easily. No video creating knowledge or experience is required.

It is an all-in-one solution to help you create life and business video based on a great selection of delicate video templates. You are free to do various editing on the templates, such as adding music, text, elements, overlays, background and watermarks. You are also free to change transitions and filters, duplicate and delete any video clips. All editing can be done with simple clicks.

Final Words

Nowadays, it is very easy to learn video editing, but you need to make sure you are using the right video editing software. The main thing you need to check-in software is its features and size. You can go for research before choosing the right software on the internet and choose the right one.

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