Googleads g doubleclick net

Googleads g doubleclick net

Googleads g doubleclick net: Reaching the right customer at the right time with the right message is the key to a successful campaign. With third-party pixels, advertisers can measure audience behavior on other platforms, as well as better understand their customers.

The Google Ads Pixel for Taboola Campaigns is a third-party remarketing pixel that gives advertisers more options to communicate with their customers.

Google Pixels Impact on Your Taboola Campaigns can build a positive audience on the Google ad platform for remarketing your Taboola audience in Google Ads.

To tag your Taboola audience on Google, you must follow these steps:

Build an audience in Google Ads.
Create a Google ad image pixel.
Customize your Google Pixel as a third-party tag behind the scenes.

How to Build a Positive Audience on Google

Sign up to your Google Adwords account, select Tools, and then click Audience Manager.

Click the + button in the upper left corner to create a new audience.

Select “Website Visitors” from the drop-down menu.

Create a name for your audience, and then make sure this account is selected from the drop-down menu under Tag Source.

In the Member List section, select page visitors with specific tags and add the appropriate tags to the description field. After adding all the tags, click Create Audience.

On the new remarketing tag screen, give the tag a recognizable name and click Save, such as Tabula Clickers.

Select Create Audience.

How to create a Google Ads pixel

Select the new audience you just created and then click on it to see the tag text. In the text snippet, select the following options – Pixel ID, Label, Value, and Currency. (These variables come immediately after submission: AW.)

Now add the parameters to the image url pattern below. Be sure to remove the brackets: start /? Value = 1 & currency_code = AppCurrency-code] & label = [] Insert-Label-Here] & guid = ON

Enter your Google Pixel URL as a third-party tag behind the scenes
Finally, add this tag to the trunk below the third party tags.

From now on, all users participating in your Taboola campaign will be ready to remarket Google ads.

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