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How to block a youtube channel !

How to block a youtube channel

How to block a youtube channel

How to block a youtube channel: YouTube does not allow blocking of certain YouTube channels in general. However, if you want to filter content and prevent it from interrupting your viewing experience, there are a few ways to help you do so. It’s a little easier than watching private videos. While you won’t technically block YouTube video channels, you will end up doing something that will yield similar results. Whenever you watch a video from a particular channel, YouTube’s algorithm assumes that you liked the content of the channel and would recommend videos similar to those. If you didn’t hit the Like button, YouTube won’t be able to say you didn’t like that video. Whether you are trying to prevent your kids from watching NSFW content or you are tired of the videos on the channel that are full of ads targeted by you, here are some ways to block some YouTube channels.

How to block YouTube channels and videos

Download an extension

To block YouTube videos, the best and most effective extension that works for the Google Chrome browser is Video Blocker. Use this extension to block videos from YouTube based on a specific set of keywords that sync with channels or videos that you don’t want to watch. The extension adds videos to your block list in three types: “channel”, “wildcard” or “keyword”. The channel which you want to get stop appearing on your profile, you can enter its respective name. Note: channel names are always case sensitive , so check carefully.

If you want to block a specific YouTube channel, click the “add” option and enter the channel name.

Video Blocker works in two other ways: Wildcard mode is not case sensitive and can block everything you type. In Keyword -mode, Now you can able to block videos with certain specific keywords which are appearing in the name of a YouTube channel or in the name of specific video.

You can also add channels to the block list by right-clicking on a video thumbnail and selecting “Block videos from this channel” from the following options. However, this method does not always work.

Reject YouTube video recommendations

Even if this option doesn’t remove an entire channel, it will improve your chances of not watching certain videos in the recommendation bar or on your home page.

The recommendation list can still contain videos from that channel. However, the specific video you blocked will no longer appear.

Block a YouTube user

If an annoying and annoying YouTube user is always present in your comment section, you have the option to block the user and end the trolling. This will not block their channel, but it will prevent them from harassing you. (Of course, the problem is that it is easier for someone to create a second or third account, so it will be difficult to keep track of all of them and stay on a nonstop crashing wave.)

To block a nasty user, you must go to the “About” section of their profile and select the flag icon. Once you have selected this, you will be given the option to block them. A confirmation box will appear asking you to submit your request to block the user from commenting on your videos. Once you block a user, that person will be able to see your channel and content (and vice versa), but the user cannot post comments on any of their content.

To unblock a channel, go to your community settings and delete them.

Use restricted mode

When restricted mode is on, it will hide videos that users have flagged as inappropriate and help you avoid certain content. To identify content that children shouldn’t watch, YouTube uses a number of different signals, such as: video title, description, community rules, and more. This mode also works in languages other than English

To activate restricted mode, scroll down the YouTube profile and select the setting under “Restricted mode: On”. If you use multiple accounts, you must repeat the same steps for all.

Another way to detect large numbers of children’s YouTube videos is to download the YouTube Kids app from the Apple Store or Google Play. The application is designed especially for young children. It’s free, but it’s only available in some countries, like the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and a few others.

Sign out of your Google account

The last way to block YouTube channels is as simple as logging out of your Google account. You can prevent your children from watching NSFW material.

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