October 1, 2023

How to Fix Google Pixel 2 Not Charging Issue?

pixel 2 not charging

pixel 2 not charging

pixel 2 not charging: In case you own a Google Pixel 2 smartphone and facing not charging issue, simply read this helpful fixing post to resolve your charging issue without professional help.

In the technology era of today, the two famous Android smartphones by Google, Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL was quite famous among Android users after their official launch. Both these popular Google smartphones are ranked among the best Android smartphones of the year. However, just like other Android smartphones available in the market, both these phones can face certain issues similar to other brand Android smartphones. Well, one of the most prevalent issues that are seen in most Android smartphones and also seen in Google Pixel 2 is no charging. Read this post and get to know what can cause this issue in this popular Google smartphone and what can be done to resolve it like a professional.

What Makes Your Google Pixel 2 to Not Charge, Stop Charging, or Charge Slowly?

In a scenario, when a smartphone doesn’t charge or charge slowly, it doesn’t mean that it may only have a battery issue. However, it can be among different other factors causing this issue, but you cannot just put straight blame on a bad battery, especially when we talk about new smartphones like Google Pixel 2. Most often, such kind of issues usually occurs due to some software. Most Google Android smartphone users usually ask the question that how and why the software can prevent the phone from charging? Well, the answer to this query is simple. Your Android smartphone works just like your portable laptop or desktop computer. Everything in your smartphone is programmed to effortlessly work with every hardware component in the smartphone.

Like for instance, a camera app is necessary for a smartphone to take pictures and record videos. In this example, the camera app is the software that is required for the camera hardware in the smartphone to work properly. In case something is not right, the camera app will not work accurately. This same scenario is applied in your Google Pixel 2 not charging issue. Your Google smartphone also has specific software installed, which is responsible for smartphone charging. The only difference is when we compare it with other applications is that user intervention is not needed for it to work. Just as long as it detects the Android smartphone is connected with the charges and the charging port, it starts working. Such functionality occurs when it decides whether to allow your smartphone to charge or not. In case something goes wrong with that particular charging program, you will then start facing issues like not charging, slow charging, or stop charging.

This particular condition can also happen if other smartphone apps are not functioning properly. Some of the apps can affect functions like charging. Moreover, a faulty Android software update can also make this charging issue occur. And the worst-case scenario in this kind of smartphone issue is hardware damage, which mostly occurs when the phone gets wet or is dropped accidentally. Unless the faulty hardware in Google Pixel 2 to blame, you still can do something to fix the not charging issue. In this post, I am going to discuss some of the remedies which you can do to resolve Google Pixel 2 not charging issues.

Effective Solutions and Workarounds to Deal with Google Pixel 2 Charging Problems

Let’s suppose the charging issue is being caused by software rather than any physical or liquid damage to the smartphone. In this situation, there is a massive chance to get your Google Pixel 2 charging issue resolved and get it to charge once again. Below are some of the workarounds which can help you to resolve the issue and finally make your Google phone return back to charge properly like it was doing before this issue occurred. However, you need to test your smartphone after performing each method, so that you’ll know if the charging issue is fixed or not. If not, simply proceed to the next method, if required.

Things to Do Before Performing Troubleshooting

Here are some things which you need to do before you plan to perform troubleshooting:

Check Charging Equipment

Before you decide to troubleshoot your Google Pixel 2, you need to ensure that the charging port, charging cable, charging adapter and power source in use are all working properly. In some cases, the main issue of phone not charging is by any of the charging equipment not working properly. To rule this possible issue out from the possible causes, you certainly need to ensure that every charging equipment is working perfectly. You can try to use another charging adapter, charging cable, or power source that is compatible with your Google smartphone. Doing so will help you determine whether or not the problem is with the charging equipment that is not allowing the phone to charge properly.

Avoid Using Phone while Charging

You must avoid using your smartphone while charging. Aside from the safety point of view, it will allow your phone to charge much faster and there will be no interruptions or battery usage while charging. Slow charging in phones mostly occurs when people use their phones while charging.

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