nico yazawa

nico yazawa

nico yazawa: You may have already come across a video with viral memes in which an annoying girl repeats the word nico nico ni nonstop. You’ve probably wondered what the hell this is.

This article will try to help you to understand the whole origin along with significance and history of the famous Nico Nico Nii aslo know as nico yazawa ! This full article will talk about absolutely everything about virals, anime, memes and more.

What is Nico nico ni?

The word Nico Nico Ni is a slogan used in anime Love Live! School Idol Project by the character Yazawa Niko. Japanese language the word is written Niko Niko Ni as (い い い い い) and often appears quite rarely on forums such as 4chan, reddit and other popular sites in Japan and among otakus in the West.

Love Live’s character, nico yazawa, has an aggressive personality and is very self-confident. Sometimes he has to take on a brighter personality and strives to behave like an idol, so he usually uses the expression Niko Niko Ni to play cute.

What does Nico Nico nii mean? Why did you go viral?

Idol anime have great success in Japan.
This phrase first appeared in the fifth episode of Love Live, where Niko’s character tries to prove the impression of an idol for the rest of the cast. The scene quickly became visible among fans due to his expression, manner and behavior. It wasn’t just a phrase that went viral, the signal the character makes with his hand, heart and expressions are part of the virality.

Niko niko nii goes viral

After its first appearance, the term has already started to become popular on websites, generating thousands of gifs, videos and FanArt and being used by many people. Even Korean singer Kim Heech uses this expression in his shows. The popularity grew even more when they made a remix video that has already reached over 10 million views: (did the guy delete the YouTube account?

Some have begun to say that the term nico nico ni is satan due to its great popularity and the fact that niko’s character has an unfriendly personality. This only generated more memes, gifs and fan art.

What does Nico Nico NIi mean?

Some may imagine that this phrase makes absolutely no sense. In fact, the character’s name is Niko, which would explain why he uses that expression. Only in Japanese is there the expression niko niko い い い い, which is the onomatopoeia of the smile, so it is practically said that you smile in your heart.

What does Nico Nico ni mean? Why did you go viral?

The word Nii can only be a particle according to the expression you use or it can act like other anime characters that make up the ending of sentences spoken in Nyan to look like cats.

To better understand the expression we will see the whole sentence that Niko Yazawa says:

You smile in your heart.
Anata – You
Heart heart
Niko Niko – Smile
And I’m going to make your heart smile!
Todokeru – deliver, ship
Yazawa: she was referring to herself in the third person.
Egao – Smile
Remember Nico! Nico loves you!
Oboeteru: remember, don’t forget.

There is a YouTube-like video site called Nico Nico Douga, which shows that the onomatopoeia niko niko is present in Japanese culture, which facilitated the vitalization of Nico Yazawa’s speech.

His name is Nico Yazawa

Some people write Nico Yazawa, but it’s not bad to do that. There is no letter “C” in Japanese, so nico is written niko in [に こ] the mother tongue of Japan. Name “niko” is written in hiragana way , it may not have a deep meaning, it should probably refer to the same onomatopoeic smile.

In Japanese, the last name or first name is written first. Yazawa [矢 澤] is written as [矢] means arrow or arrows, making total reference to his idol ability that strikes the hearts of fans.

Nico Yazawa is 1.54 tall, blood type A, his dimensions are B74-W57-H79 and he was born on July 22, in anime he is 17 years old. It is played by Tokui Sora.

The legendary knee Nico Nico

Fighter Marcellus Black, known as Otaku on Twitter, shouts and signals to Nico Nico Knee to finish a sip of opponents.

Did you have any idea what nico nico ni meant? I hope this little article has been enough to arouse your curiosity, we hope to hear your opinion in the comments and also in your actions.

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